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2nd Pixel CO2 Treatment - North Carolina,

I previously underwent the Pixel CO2 back in the middle of 2009. The results were amazing. However I was left with noticeable remaining sunspots (AKs), which was the main reason I did the procedure. I just had the procedure performed again (4 days ago). I had realized that I wanted more improvement and some of the sunspots were getting bigger. BTW: I'm a guy. I shaved the afternoon... READ MORE

Perlane Under the Eyes

I had two syringes of Perlane injected into the tear troughs, under my eyes, and on the upper cheek bones. BTW: I had requested Restylane, but was talked into Perlane; as it would provide "more lift." It was done to reduce the tired appearance and dark circles under my eyes.I am currently not satisfi READ MORE

Pixel Laser Review

I am two weeks post 1st pixel laser treatment. I expected the procedure to be more painful than it was. It felt similar to the snap of a rubber band (one that slightly missed its target though.) The nurse providing the treatment was fairly new to the process (I wonder if this is an industry wide issue). Afterwards, I called around to several spas and none of the functional READ MORE

Questions from NotLuke

Treatment for Horizontal Forehead Wrinkles?

I was told by my plastic surgeon, that Juvederm would not "effectively address" the horizontal wrinkles that run across my forehead. These lines are not deep, but... READ MORE

Botox Injections on the Scalp to Treat Hyperhidrosis?

I sweat profusely from my head. It is so bad that people assume I wear hair gels. I am almost always wet. Oddly, I have average perspiration from my armpits. I don't see why... READ MORE

How Effective is GFX in Minimizing Horizontal Forehead Wrinkles?

I have tried Botox to reduce horizontal forehead wrinkles and found it to be very effective. UNFORTUNATELY, its effectiveness starts at 1 week post injection and stops at 6-7... READ MORE

Can Radiesse Be Used to Create a Stronger or More Square Jaw?

I've been considering mandibular angle implants for about a year now and thought a dermal filler, such as Radiesse, might be a good test run. READ MORE

Can Jaw Implants Create a Longer Face?

I have a very round face with very flat features. I've been thinking about mandibular implants. I do not want a wider face, but a longer one. I'm wondering if adding implants... READ MORE

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It's Oct 4th, just over 2 weeks since I 1st had Perlane injected into my tear troughs. I am extremely happy! At 1st, it was a bit lumpy and uneven. I returned the next week and had more added to the submalar and malar areas. When we... READ COMMENT

I am a guy and yesterday, I had Perlane injected in the tear troughs and under my eyes to reduce the dark circles under my eyes. I am not sure how I feel about it. I asked for Restylane, but my injector talked me into Perlane because it... READ COMMENT