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How Soon Can You Drive After a BBL?

I have one child who is in school its only about 8 minute drive each way. I know the first week or so my husband can take off but after that i would have to take him. Is their... READ MORE

Is Z-plasty and Geometric Line Repair the Same Thing?

I have a facial scar that starts between my eyebrows and goes to the top of the bridge of my nose... its about 14 years old that I want to get repaired.... What is the... READ MORE

Are There Scar Revision Options For Split Eyebrow That Had Stitches?

I was in a car accident 14 years ago and had 14 stitches on my face. My wound healed pretty well and was camouflaged with my eyebrow as I grow older the scar seemed to become... READ MORE

Facial Scar From Auto Accident- Pulling, Tension & Lumpiness. Candidate For Scar Revision?

I have a scar that is 14 years old that I got from a car accident. I have gotten some laser resurfacing and maybe it helped like 3% I am wondering if I am a candidate for a... READ MORE

Scar Revision on Face! Which Would Give the Best Closure Results Dissolving Sutures Used with Dermabond or Permanent Sutures?

Im having a scar revision on my face the scar is by the bridge of my nose and goes by eyebrow ill need about 15-20 stiches. My surgeon said he was going to use dissolvable... READ MORE

I Got Juvederm to Plump Lips and It Lasted Less then a Week?

Why would it last less then 7 days? Was my surgeon not as aggressive as he should have been or is it possible I just absorbed it that fast? I'm tempted to try again but at $800... READ MORE

Should I trust a medical assistant to do my miradry procedure?

Had a consultation yesterday at a very nice dermatology clinic. I met with the woman who would be doing my miradry. I Asked her if she was a RN and she said no I am a medical... READ MORE

Lumps under arms haven't gone away after miradry procedure. Should I be concerned/worried?

I had miradry (level 5) on july 1st. The girl who did it was being trained and i was only like her 5th person she has done. I was a little sore the first day but by the 2nd day... READ MORE

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What dr did you go to I live in denver, CO and want to get this procedure! READ COMMENT

I was wondering how many cc's you got? I love your results! and i am wanting the same size. READ COMMENT

How many cc's did they put in? I love your results and I am aiming for the same size. READ COMMENT