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Wanted a Tad More Volume to Dry Lips - Denver, CO

So my doctor was doing a promotion a few months ago and i locked in his intro price which is $100 less than the normal cost and after having a Profractional I was ready to get my lips on. I've been wanting to do a filler on my lips for 2 yrs, but wasn't sure since nothing had been specifically approved for lip injections until R-Silk came out. This made me fell better and also of course... READ MORE

3rd Best Procedure EVER - Louisville, CO

I'm 5'3 and weight 100lbs. My background is comprised of Asian, Caucasian and Puerto Rican. I can get small, but I have the latin hips when I do gain even as little as 5lbs. I wanted to contour my inner/outer thighs and the only weight my upper legs get small is if I drop below 100lbs which is really unhealthy for me and I look sick everywhere else on my body not to mention a pronounced... READ MORE

My First Juvi Experience for my Dark Circles - Broomfield, CO

In the past few months I've been eying this out and when I found out it helped with dark circles I just HAD to get this done. It says it usually takes a week to heal and the swelling go down, but I'm an exception. I usually take double the time to heal with stuff like this even my botox. I bruise easily and swelling sticks around for a while. I've had mine done over 3 weeks ago and I still... READ MORE

Like It, but Will Not Repeat It - Denver, CO

I had my Pro Fract about almost 4 weeks ago, it was very uncomfortable and beauty before pain right? Well it wasn't painful,but very uncomfortable and tolerable if you can handle injectables. My skin was pretty much red the first day, and 3 days after I looked normal as along as I had vaseline on my face, but my makeup looked cracked on the 4-7th day. Tell you what though I do like how... READ MORE

Questions from 702808PN

Are these Perioral Mounds? (Photo)

Will Ultherapy work to lift or get rid of it or would I need some kind of microliposuction? I am 37 yrs old and in the last month I've noticed this.I think it's perioral mounds... READ MORE

Can I use Retin A or Retinol up until I get my Ultherapy on my face?

Do I need to stop using Retin A before my Ultherapy on face? If so how far out should I stop? Could I use a Retinol over the counter or does the same rules apply like Retin A? READ MORE

ViVACE Results?

If my skin is in good shape for the most part will I see any improvement after just one treatment? I am scheduled for two more, but just wanted to know if it's possible to see... READ MORE

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Your legs look fantastic and doctor did a good Job! Good for YOU! READ COMMENT

My doctor had a promotion in April so I got it for $450, I pre-paid it to lock in the price and waited a month to get it because I had a profractional and wanted to fully heal, but price is now and normally $550. I just got 1 vial, I... READ COMMENT

I just had 1 syringe. and I will def, keep posting especially on the 5-6th day when final results after swelling has subsided. READ COMMENT

Thank you for getting back to me, I am def. going to get this done now!!. I'm so happy you are having great results. :-) Mahalao READ COMMENT

Hi there Kathy, thank you for sharing your experience. I have been looking into having CO2 for a while but because it is pretty invasive I've been nervous. I've had Fraxel in the past and while I hated the actual procedure and healing... READ COMMENT