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Very Happy - Marseille

I've had dysport inject in my crow's feet and my lion wrinkle. Very happy with the result: natural and i still have some facial expressions :-) Actually i can't exactly compare with botox as this time i've also had a stylage (sort of restylane) HA injected in my lion wrinkle to fill it up. Mine was too deep and botox didn't really flatten it enough. Very nice result, my wrinkle is gone. And... READ MORE

Botox Against "Frown" Wrinkle and Crow's Feet - Paris, France

It was the first time I had some botox injections. My surgeons injected a seemingly small amount of toxin at four different spots between my eyebrows. Then he injected the rest beside my eyes to prevent crow's feet. A few days later I could see the result, that was pretty good and more natural than I could expect. The crown's feet (mine were quite slight) are gone and when I smile, my... READ MORE

Increase Cheekbones and Reduce Labionasal Folds Through Injections - Marseille, France

I have always had very a poorly defined bone-structure which made my cheeks look a bit puffy and saggy even when I was younger (I'm now 37 y.o.). I've never liked that, preferring more angular and tonic faces with bigger cheek-bones, like some slavians, oriental or black people have. I thought that cheek implants could be the safest and more effective way to correct this but the three... READ MORE

Questions from Man on Mars_74

Can a Face-lift Help Wih Malar Bags and Sagging Skin at 40? (photo)

Even as a young man I lacked a defined mid-face structure : flat cheekbone and low cheek with mouth corners pointing downward. At 35, and my tear troughs started being pretty... READ MORE

Sagging Cheeks and Post-HA Malar Dents? (photo)

Hi, I'm 38. I had my hollow tear troughs filled with a filler 3 y. ago. Nice at first, but few months later : blueish malar dents (fluid retention). Then injected twice HA to... READ MORE

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I'd say it lasted four to six months, at the sixth month the whole stuff was gone, except for some "stylage" (HA) still present at the lion wrinkle spot. READ COMMENT

Yes. I was not very satisfied with botox, at least not for my wrinkle lion that was not improved. Then this time the dermatologist suggested dysport (stronger, according to her) and some HA to fill up the creases that were deep. So I... READ COMMENT

Hello, something similar happened to me. I had some almost unknown isralo-french product called stylage injected in my tear trough (it's a less known brand of hyaluronic acid). That shit seemingly attracted water into my tear trough.... READ COMMENT

Sorry, just seen you got rid of it. Glad to read that. You look gorgeous anyway. Take care. READ COMMENT