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Asymmetrical After Smart-lipo - Louisville, KY

I had this procedure in December 2008 and did the Breasts and abdomen. As I was not overweight and was looking for some contouring, I was left with a wavy abdomen and could tell right after the procedure that my right side was smaller than my left with some wavyness. Other people might not notice that I am asymmetrical from the front, I can clearly see the wavyness and off center belly. I lost... READ MORE

Questions from ms8172

Ibuprofen Intake Post Plastic Surgery Procedure?

I just had tumescent Smart Lipo done on my abdomen and a male breast reduction. My doctor said that I could take Ibuprofen after the surgery. After I did some research, this... READ MORE

What Happens when Liquefied Fat is Not Suctioned Out?

I just had tumescent Smart Lipo done on my abdomen and a male breast reduction. The doctor suctioned out the liquefied fat after using the laser. If the excess fat was not... READ MORE

Lipo for Male Breast Reduction - How Long Until Results Are Noticeable?

I am a 37-year-old male that had Smart Lipo with tumescent liposuction done on my abdomen and breasts 23 days ago. I immediately have noticed a difference in my abdomen but I... READ MORE

What to Do with Lumps on Abdomen After Smart Lipo?

I'm male, 38 years old, almost 4 months post op. I had almost 900cc's of fat removed from my abdomen and need to know if the waviness I have in my stomach will go away? I seem... READ MORE

Can I Have Fat Transfered to my Abdomen Where Smart Lipo Caused Waviness?

My abdomen is uneven and wavy above and around my right side of my belly button after smartlipo performed Dec 2008. Are there any reputable Dr's that specialize with fat... READ MORE

Can I Repair Lopsidedness After Smart Lipo?

I have indentations and waviness around my belly button. Is there anyone near Indiana that has done smart-lipo repair that was not done correctly (in my opinion)? Can I correct... READ MORE

Does Zerona Laser Help Tighten the Skin?

Does the Zerona fat laser help tighten the skin? Also, will it help with fat around male breasts? Can it help even out waviness from bad Smart-Lipo? READ MORE

Pulling Sensation 2 Years After Smart Lipo

I had tumescent fluid and smart-lipo performed on my abdomen in December 2008. Since then I still have a pulling sensation on the right side of my belly button and I remember... READ MORE

Possible to Fix Uneven Abdomen After Tumescent Smart Lipo?

I am a male 39 never been overweight. had Tumescent with Smart-lipo done in late 2008 with a non plastic surgeon (my fault completely). The doctor obviously did not pay... READ MORE

Tumescent Lipo or Dry Lipo Under Anesthesia - Which is Better?

I had Tumescent Smart-lipo done and my results yielded unevenness. I am looking at a Board Certified PS that does this in a hospital/outpatient facility and will put me under... READ MORE

Can I Get Uneveness and Waviness Fixed

I had Smart Lipo in 2008. The Dr Did took more fat from my right side of my belly button then left. It left me when I push my stomach outward, my Belly button points to the... READ MORE

Permanent Damage from Smart Lipo

I have uneven areas, waviness and some bumpiness in my abdomen after smart-lipo (tumescent assisted) done in Dec 2008. While noticeable to my eye only perhaps... I would like... READ MORE

Recent comments from ms8172

I would like to know what your outcome was with them injecting fat into the areas that were uneven? I have some of that from smart-lipo as well and want to know if there is a way to improve my situation. READ COMMENT

So what ever happened? What did you decide to do if anything to correct this? I had smart-lipo done in December 2008 and have some waviness on my right side. I wonder if that can be touched up. READ COMMENT