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Crescent Lift with Bigger Implants, is this the best way to go?

After viewing Dr.Ray's before and after pictures from 90210, he gets fabulous results with just a crescent lift and bigger implants if you have sagging breasts. Is this the... READ MORE

What Happens if the Plastic Surgeon Uses a Smaller Diameter?

If you measure in the 12"diameter in a breast implant and the surgeon uses smaller size in the 11" diameter and you have a lot of breast tissue. What happens to the... READ MORE

My Base Width is 12.9 and the Surgeon Used 11.9, is This Why They Look Deformed?

I had 304cc natrelle 15. They look awful, I feel them at bottom. They are stiff, and all on top and nothing on bottom. Could this be from not using the right size? I didn't... READ MORE

Is It True That Lowering the Inframmary Fold Will Cause Bottoming Out?

I had bottoming out from my breast augmentation, My surgeon lowered the inframmary fold and within 21/2 months they bottomed out. Why the hell would he lower the fold, when... READ MORE

I Broke out with Red Circles on my Body, Could Implants Cause This?

I have implants for a year now. Silicone(allergan) THey have been painful for a year now. I was diagnosed with capsular contracture IV. Could the red circles be associated with... READ MORE

Should Plastic Surgeons Have a Informed Consent if They Are Reusing the Same Implant in Revision Surgery?

I would like to know why on the consent form there is no mention for breast implants being "single use only""once explanted should never be implanted and if your... READ MORE

Why Are Plastic Surgeon Using Breast Implants As "Single Patient Use", When They Are Labeled "Single Use" in a Revision?

Single patient use devices A medical device that is intended for single-patient use means that the device may be used for more than one episode of use on one patient only.... READ MORE

From Reading the Replies on Measurement, The Standard of Care is the Plastic Surgeon Should Take Pre-opt Measurements?

One of the replys from a doctor on this site. "This is a standard of care issue! The questions are : Why were no measurements taken? Is your doctor a "true" PS,... READ MORE

Can the Plastic Surgeon Cause Capsular Contracture by His or Her Surgical Technique?

I was told this by a plastic surgeon "The bottom line is that if your surgeon tells you that CC is something that happens and cannot be predicted or prevented, then he/she... READ MORE

How Do Plastic Surgeons Re-sterlize a Breast Implant in Revision Surgery when Reusing the Same Implant?

How Do Plastic Surgeons Re-sterlize a Breast Implant in Revision Surgery when Reusing the Same Implant? READ MORE

If Your Breasts Are Heterogenously Dense, is It Safe to Get Breast Implants?

If Your Breasts Are Heterogenously Dense, is It Safe to Get Breast Implants? READ MORE

Why Would a Plastic Surgeon Tell a Patient It is Okay to Re-use the Same Implant in Revision Surgery?

When the manufacture says NO, Do Not Re-use even in the same patient. Why can't you just tell the patient the truth, and if they want to re-use them, then that is their... READ MORE

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Your Plastic Surgeon shouldn't have reused the implant. Breast Implants are "single use device" Don't let a surgeon tell you differently to save money. READ COMMENT

I feel your pain, I had similar problem with a NJ Surgeon. Take him to court for breach of contact. Good Luck. READ COMMENT

When you write a letter to surgeon that your want a refund because you need a revision because of his mistakes he needs to report that claim to his Insurance company. If he doesn't respond to your letter, keep seeking for a attorney.... READ COMMENT

So sorry to hear. I had the same experience. Write him a letter for refund and tell him why he failed you as a surgeon. He doesn't respond, consult with attorney for breach of contract. It is sickening how plastic surgeons could just... READ COMMENT

My implants are 1 year old. I also have a rash that has developed. I had blood work done yesterday. I will let you know what the outcome is. My doctor believes it is from the implants. READ COMMENT