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Questions from youngrace

Endotine Midface Lift: Preventative or Corrective Procedure?

I'm in my 20s but am already beginning to notice the signs of sagging in my face. Unfortunately, I was genetically saddled with a lot of fat in my cheeks and a good portion of... READ MORE

Lower Facelift with Vertical Skin-pull Vectors?

Is it at all possible to get a lower facelift without using a horizontal vector? Are there any lower facelifts that use non-horizontal/vertical vector for skin repositioning?... READ MORE

What Are the Potential Issues of Dissolvable Thread Lift?

It seems to me that some of the problems with old Thread lifts could be resolved if the threads were reabsorbable. (Longevity issues still remain, but then it's the same... READ MORE

Permanent Makeup That Gradually Fades?

Is there any compromise between everyday makeup and permanent makeup, i.e., makeup that doesn't wash off but gradually fades away within 1-2 years? I don't want makeup lasting... READ MORE

Procedure to Reduce Philtrum?

I have a very thick, prominent philtrum, which makes me look quite ethnic -something I consider undesirable. Is there anything that can reduce the look of the philtrum lines--i... READ MORE

Procedure to Diminish Lower Eyelid Rim and Puffy Band?

What can I do about excessive waterline (rim) showing in the lower eyelid? I know that makeup artists call this area the waterline--the pink mucosal rim on your lower eyelid.... READ MORE

Can Fillers Be Used for Forehead Augmentation?

Inasia, forehead augmentation is a fairly common procedure. I've included a picture of what the results are generally like below (I'm Asian, just to clarify). This can be done... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Lower the Upper Eyelid Using Botox?

I had an Asian double eyelid surgery performed on me about 11 months ago, and I really dislike the shape of my eyes now. They're too big almost, too round. I prefer the look... READ MORE

What's the Softest Filler Available?

I've had Juvederm and didn't care for the texture. It looked a bit too "firm" underneath my skin, and not very natural.I know fat is the softest filler, but other... READ MORE

Will Non Surgical Nose Job Hinder Future Rhinoplasty?

Will using Fat Injections for a "nonsurgical" nose job prevent me from getting a "real" Rhinoplasty in the future?My surgeons suggests using fat injections... READ MORE

Surgical Procedure That Can Make a Mouth Less Wide?

Is there a surgical procedure for making the mouth less wide (horizontally)? I know a lip reduction reduces the lip vertically, so to speak, but if the mouth is too wide... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get Fat Grafting over Sculptra?

I was wondering if it was possible to get fat grafting in an area that has previously been treated with Sculptra? Are there any complications that might arise? Thanks in advance! READ MORE

Does fascia fat (in strips) have a lower chance of migration than fat injections?

Since fascia fat is implanted in strips, I was wondering if there would be a lower chance of migration for these vs. fat injections, which are injected more "free form." The... READ MORE

Will removing fat graft from forehead ease tension headaches?

I got a fat graft to my forehead about 8 months ago; it looks fine but unfortunately I get tension headaches around the part where it was grafted (I was prone to tension... READ MORE

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There's a person by the name of marjorie grimm who does something called "saltwater" tattoo lightening. she's in the san jose and seattle area. maybe look into her? i hear she's quite good at what she does, although i've never known... READ COMMENT