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Still Dont Look Normal (Like Me) After Hyalase in Lips a Month Ago Do I Need More?

Had hyalase in upperlip.MONTH after, sides of my lips look normal but cupid bow area of lip sticks out, leans over my bottom lip like before.The nurse injeted alot of juvederm... READ MORE

Does Kenalog Get Rid of Swelling from Allergic Reaction?

I had juvederm two months ago i hated it and my philtrim (skin above upperlp) looked long and strange must be the way she injectedd as i looked like that after three weeks so... READ MORE

Can Fillers Be Used to Create an Illusion of a Smaller Philtrum?

I dont like the gap between my nose and lip philtrum. I feel there quite a distance between them. I was wondering if using juvederm or restylane can be used to make the... READ MORE

How Long Does Juvederm Smile Last in the Lips?

There are different types of juvederm such as juvederm ultra 3 and juvederm ultra smile. How long does each of these fillers last in the lips. I think ideally they say it can... READ MORE

I Had Juvederm and Hyaluronidase and Still Suffering from Fluid Retention?

June 2011 I had juvederm. Nurse injected mostly above my lip so when it settled I had a long puffy philtrum. I think the weight of the product is pushing it down. And I would... READ MORE

Puffiness After Juvederm Ultra?

I had juvederm in lips I suffered puffiness around the mouth, even after 2weeks after it was still really puffy time to time esp if i rubbed the mouth area. 14months later... READ MORE

Dark pigmentation around eyes and has gotten worse as I have gotten older. Is under eye filler useless? (Photo)

What can be done to lighten the eye area to match the rest of my skin? I have what appears to be hollowness and shadows as well as dark pigmentation around eyes which i have... READ MORE