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Can Anyone Remove the Tape Post Rhinoplasty Or Should it be a Professional?

I had rhinoplasty and 4 days later the surgeon removed the splint and retaped. Since he will be out of town for a week the receptionist/assistant will be removing tubing and... READ MORE

What is the Real Purpose of Plastic Tubes Put in Nostrils Post Rhinoplasty?

I was told by doctor's staff member that the tubes were put in to keep nostrils from closing. Can someone explain? READ MORE

Will Swelling Reduction Shrink my Nose or Just Reshape It?

I had revision rhinoplasty ten days ago by a revision specialist. I'm in a bit of a panic because I have the upturned, pig snout many have written about. Mind you, I... READ MORE

How Do I Get Rid of the Horizontal Crease Between my Eyes?

At the very top of my nose, between my eyes is a crease that appears as if my forehead is slipping down, which it probably is because when I put on a tight headband it lifts... READ MORE

Dysport and Botox - eyes droop.

The first time I received Dysport for frown lines the doctor injected between my brows and straight up to my hairline. Results were perfect! The second, third and fourth time... READ MORE

Should I be more direct to the doctor when being treated for Botox?

I am 59. I've had Dysport and Botox and experienced the droop. I believe only the central glabella area should be treated not above my eyebrows. Last time I asked the doc not... READ MORE

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Hi again! I didn't see your May comments till now! So it seems we are very much on the same page as we heal. Awesome! Yes mine looks very bulbous too-- My doc had me wrap it for 3 mos post op and said I didn't have to anymore. Yet... READ COMMENT

Oh Hello Gorgeous! Yes-- I was asked to tell my story but been so busy. I should be able to now that I am taking a mini vacay. Your nose looks softer than your first picture-- I am experiencing the same thing. I am 90 days post-op;... READ COMMENT

DaToplsLonely-- Thank you so much for your post! I hope you are feeling well and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You look gorgeous before and after. I am in a similar predicament-- 1 month post-op of a revision-- 20 years older than you and freakin... READ COMMENT

You look so beautiful-- before and after-- what's great is that your nose was pretty before just a tad too much-- now its perfect for you. Enjoy! READ COMMENT

Thanks so much for sharing your experience! I had a revision from a previous botch job over 30 years ago! I noticed that your "new nose" is lifted a bit-- which is what I am currently experiencing with mine but I'm a little freaked... READ COMMENT