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Questions from Rhinoseptoplasty2011

Breathing Problems Post Nose Job 2011

Had open septorhinoplasty with osteoctomy (March 2011) to remove hump in bridge,fix deviated septum and droopy nose.1st month everything was fine,but 5 months post surgery i... READ MORE

Is A Saddle Nose The Same As Ski Jump Deformity?

I think my PS made a mistake at removing the hump in my nose,he left me with a low curved inward bridge,like a ski launch pad.my nose has no dorsum projection and my bulbous... READ MORE

Post Revision Otoplasty: Large Scar Behind Ear

Had bilateral otoplasty done June 2010. Left ear still sticked out too much compared to the right one and they were really uneven so i had revision in October 2010 for that... READ MORE

Collapsed External Valves Breathing In, Do I Have Open Roof Deformity?

Septorhinoplasty done in March 2011. Seems to me that i have a deformity in the bridge and a hump(pollybeak?)or supratip which causes the tip to go downward (tip ptosis?).Do i... READ MORE

Why Do Canthopexies Sometimes Recidive? (photo)

Had my revision canthopexy to correct anti mongoloid slant done 2 days ago along with malar fat transfer due to malar hypoplasia. Had this same procedure done February and i... READ MORE

Best Option for Bilateral Malar Hypoplasia Due to Very Mild Treacher Collins Syndrome Symptoms?

I have mild Treacher Collins symptoms like malar and mandibular hypoplasia and anti mongoloid canthal angle I'm wondering what would be the best option to fill in the malar... READ MORE

After bilateral cantophexy have significant asymmetry and long lines on corners! Are these results acceptable? (photo)

I had anti mongoloid canthal angle due to mild Treacher Collins, so i decided to do a canthopexy and fat grafting to malar area to improve face appearance. It relapsed, so i... READ MORE

What's the best treatment for cantophexy "crowsfeet" scars? Are Kelocote or Dermatix effective? Do i need scar revision? (photo)

What's the best option for treatment of scars caused by bilateral canthopexy. these look like long lines along the lower eyelids, similar to crowsfeet that make the eyes droopy... READ MORE

Going to do a malar implant surgery due to malar hypoplasia. I'm concerned about the risks. What should I ask my PS? (photo)

I have malar hypoplasia.Hypoplasia got worse with age which gives my face a hollow and plain look. Surgery is 25th August but im concerned. Is there risk of infection or... READ MORE

4 days after malar fat graft. One side looks more swollen and puffier (lump?) than the other. Is this normal? (photo)

3rd time going through fat grafts to the malar area (zygomatic bone) because the other 2 times it was absorbed. Now this time i look like a boxeur,my face is swollen and... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a chin implant or orthognathic surgery? (photo)

My dentist and orthodontist say otherwise, that i look fine. i had rethrognatism class II, which i've been treating for the past 4 years with braces, palatal expander and the... READ MORE

Nose too big or Orthognatic Surgery/Sliding Genioplasty Needed To Correct Retrognathia? (photo)

I have rethrognatism, which i've been treating for the past 4 years:braces, palatal expander and removal of a pre molar.i still have clicks in my jaws,headaches and the... READ MORE

My face lost fat over the years and now looks narrow/thinner. What can i do?

I'm 38 years old. Till 30 i had a full face, then by what i think the process of aging i started losing fat in the face and i cant recognize myself.Besides i have bilateral... READ MORE