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Yes! But Moderation is Key! - Studio City, CA

I don't know why everyone doesn't do it.. it is the best thing ever! The key is MODERATION. Go conservative. You can always do a little more. Plenty of my friends come back (from their doc's) looking like "the joker." I have my doc do just a little... enough to give me lift, to look fresh, but not "different." Again - moderation. I could not be happier. I've... READ MORE

Mixed Results - Do Your Homework! - Burbank, CA

While I would definitely do it again, MANY doctors take out too much fat, and eventually, you will get a "hollowing out" underneath your eyes. It doesn't show the first year or two.. but eventually, it does. This is a VERY common mistake plastic surgeons make when doing this procedure. And I thought I had one of the best... used to be head of Plastic Surgery at St. Josephs hospital in Burbank!... READ MORE

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I'm 99% certain this is the guy: Dr. Meronk They changed their website and I haven't looked at it in some time, but I'm pretty sure this is it. Take a look... they really address this issue of hollowness. Seems like they really... READ COMMENT

Well, I would just say don't go to ANYONE who isn't referred by someone, and/or the very least you've seen their work. That's what I hear all the time... do not go to a surgeon unless they're referred by someone who you know is happy... READ COMMENT

Absolutely! and yes, i've thought about the face lift... i'm not quite there yet, but i will have no prob's doing it when i am. right now, between a bit of botox and the filler (and i want to do more filler, in my "marionette" lines,... READ COMMENT

Ugh. that IS awful. honestly i was pretty nervous about it too when I had her do it. i'd heard the stories.... thank goodness with her, i didn't have to worry a bit. in fact, i need (need, well - want!) a little more done, and... READ COMMENT