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I'm so sorry :( I am in the same boat with a different doctor in the Columbus area. When I saw him at the 1 year mark he did nothing but tell me that it would be a huge ordeal to do more work and actually looked me in the face and said... READ COMMENT

I think it looks fantastic! I can see a BIG difference from the first post op photos you posted and the new ones from your vacation! I am 2 weeks behind you, just 1 month post op now. I notice that I am very swollen when I wake up and... READ COMMENT

I do not agree with the docs, NaturalMe......I am also Italian and also asked for a straight is my opinion that a scooped nose would have changed too much of the Italian in us, don't you think? I don't know many Italian... READ COMMENT

Noticing any differences from the shots yet?! I hope so!!! I am 1 month post op and am noticing the same thing as you...actually I think our before and after photos are pretty similar!! I can see a small bump on my bridge and I'm... READ COMMENT

OMG!!!!! Congrats congrats!!!! How exciting!! :) READ COMMENT