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Tummy Tuck Journey - Lemoore, CA

I am 25 days po.I got my tummy tuck on July 12, 2011 because after 3 kids (2 c-sections) and keeping fit, my belly has never fully recovered. I did it to: Get the excess skin taken off. Repair my ab wall which never fully recovered after three pregnancies. Build better self esteem about my tummy area. The surgery went well. My PS explained what was happening and the staff was... READ MORE

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New tummy here since July 12th.hello!

I just wanted to say hello. I had my full TT (lipo and ab repair) done July 12 and I am just a day past my 3weeks into recovering. it has been very eventful..from being... READ MORE

Anyone drinking decaf coffee or still drinking caffinated drinks?

I am a coffee drinker and Starbucks (coffee house) junky..lol..well  not that bad but. ;) I was advised that caffine can contribute to swelling. So since my TT in July... READ MORE

When did you fully lay down straight w/out no problems?

I am sleeping on the couch still, only because it is firmer then my bed and eases my back discomfort. Crazy how much impact your abs have on your back and core when they go... READ MORE

Share your tips getting through 1st month

Whether it is simple beauty secrets to lift your spirits to taking care of that new belly. READ MORE

Small spot on incision bleeding

So I still have a spot on my incision that bleeds a lil. No pain or discomfort. I'm almost 6 week po and I'm so frustrated! READ MORE

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I was given the ok @ 6 weeks to resume my workout & dancing. Pilates, belly dancing, jogging - everything I was doing before hand. I'm doing great! I listen to my body & don't push myself. I am about 5 months post op READ COMMENT

I was told to maintain. And I still get full real easy and if I try to eat my normal amount (before tt) I get uncomfortable. So now I just have to make sure I eat healthier choices & just keep up my fitness goals. We are now at the... READ COMMENT

I feel so uncomfortable today. Im slight sore and swollen..just enough to be uncomfortable but still move around freely without feeling unbareable. If that make sense? How is everyone doing? READ COMMENT

You might have keloid scar - I develope the thick scaring at tines. So I use the retouch silicon scar band. But you are doing the right thing on getting the area checked out. Keep us posted on the outcome ok. Also I am just slightly... READ COMMENT

Who here feels very uncomfortable when they eat? Even if it is very little? Tummy feels tight and uncomfy? My TT was on JUly 12 (about 2 1/2 months PO) I do eat less now- as expected. But when I do eat I get uncomfortable at times. If I... READ COMMENT