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Questions from starwars1993

Will Soaking Tweezers in Alcohol and Using It to Take out Dried Mucous from my Nose 3 Weeks After Rhinoplasty Be Ok?

I soaked some tweezers i had in 50% rubbing alcohol and used the tweezers to pick out some dried mucus in my nose. i did this about 3 times and i am about on my 3rd week after... READ MORE

Safe to Exfoliate 5 Weeks After Rhinoplasty?

Is it ok to exfoliate the skin 5 weeks afetr rhinoplasty surgery? READ MORE

Is It Bad to Cough 3 and a Half Weeks After Rhinoplasty

I ate my food bad and had to cough. i tried breaking the cough down into like 7 or 8 little coughs instead of a big one. will this affect rhinoplasty result? READ MORE

Can I Scratch the Dead Skin on my Nose off I Month After Rhinoplasty

There is what looks like dead skin all over the tip of my nose. how should i scratch or take it all off? READ MORE

Is It Bad if 5 Weeks After Rhinoplasty my Nose Was Exposed to the Sun Throughout the Day?

I was in school and was outside a lot. i did put sunscreen on, but that was in the morning. i was in the sun alot when i was walking to classes at my college. will that affect... READ MORE

Could I Have Done Damage 6 Weeks Post-Op By Bumping My Nose?

I was looking at something and moved my head too close to a wall. i felt the tip of my nose press against the wall and moved my head back. how will this affect my nose 6 and a... READ MORE

Is It Ok to Put Bacitracin on Nose 6 Weeks After Rhinoplasty?

The skin on my nose is still peeling and i was wondering if this would be ok. READ MORE

I Scratched my Nose with my Thumb Accidently and the Skin is Bleeding a Little. Will This Affect the Results?

I was laying on my stomach and moved my hand quickly and my thumb scratched the bridge of my nose and the skin was bleeding a little. will this affect my rhinoplasty result 11... READ MORE

Is my Nose Supposed to Look Like This 11 Weeks After Rhinoplasty?

This is after i accitdentally hit it with my hand and cause the skin on the bridge of my nose to bleed a little READ MORE