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Artefill...would Have Been Great if Done Right!

I suffered nearly a year ago from a burn trauma that caused tissue  loss around my mouth. i heard artefill was permanent and thought hey....this is for me! WRONG. I wish i had never done this. the physician did NOT take his time ( he did it in about ten minutes) and it completely threw the proportions of my face off. I should have been more suspicious. The first time i came in he asked... READ MORE

Questions from pipinghotveggie

Fraxel Repair for Correcting Wrinkles from Retin-A?

I'm a young female who had a horrible experience with Retin-A. Others tell me it's not possible, but I assure you it is, because it happened to me. I put Retin-A on my... READ MORE

Treatment for Wrinkles Caused by Retin-A

I was told that laser treatments won't help with the wrinkles I got from Retin-A. I visited a dermatologist, and he gave me an anti-inflammatory cream that he said will help.... READ MORE

Pixel Laser for Chest and Neck Wrinkles?

I'm 21 years old, and I wanted to know if a couple of Pixel laser sessions, on whatever settings may be most effective, help reduce appearance of lines on the neck and chest... READ MORE

Negative Pixel Laser Side Effects?

What are negative results can I get from Pixel Laser on the neck and upper collarbone area? READ MORE

Pixel Laser - How Much Improvement Can I Expect for Wrinkles and Fine Lines?

On high or medium (aggressive) settings of Pixel Laser, how much improvement can I expect for my wrinkles and fine lines? These wrinkles are not from sun damage, the skin is... READ MORE

Most Effective Resurfacing Laser for Neck and Chest?

After much struggle with this issue, I've been told that Pixel Laser is not strong enough for what I to achieve on my neck/ chest area. I'm not suffering from lax skin or... READ MORE

Hyperpigmented Area Red After Hydroquinone Application

I was burnt around the mouth area about half a year ago. I was given a hydroquinone cream by my aesthetician. She said it might help with the hyperpigmentation which resulted... READ MORE

Will Areas Over-filled with ArteFill Eventually Look Better?

I recently received ArteFill for a scar on the right side of my mouth. It was big, deep, and looked like a very "wide" wrinkle. Several days later, I am noticing this roundness... READ MORE

Kenalog for Dissolving ArteFill?

I was told Kenalog injections may help reduce slight over-filling ArteFill. From the front view of my face I look symmetrical, but this overfilling has caused my already round... READ MORE

Artefill Removal Possible Through Surgery?

I want to remove the Artefill overfilled on the right side of my mouth, and surgery is fine with me. I'd rather have a scar than a bulge that distorts the way I look. I... READ MORE

Artefill Removal at Any Cost

PLEASE someone give information concerning artefill removal, even if just partial removal. I don't mind a small scar compared to this lump of an overfill. I am very sad. Please... READ MORE

Real Scoop on ArteFill Management?

I'm confused. Ive read that artefill is completely irreversible, while I've also read that it can be somewhat managed through perhaps surgical removal. Give it to me straight,... READ MORE

Fat Transfer After Filler Removal

I am having ArteFill removed and would like to get fat transfer for scars due to fat loss. Does exercise and health make a difference in results? Thanks. READ MORE

How Can I Find Expert Surgeon to Fix my Face?

I need to have Artefill removed, as well as a Fat Transfer to correct burn contour deformities. I know both these procedures require immense skill for good outcome. Besides... READ MORE

Body Fat Percentage for Fat Transfer or Grafting?

I am a female, 109 lbs, and 5'2. I have a body fat percentage of 20%. Is this enough fat to allow for fat transfer or grafting to some deep, wider scars to the face, at least... READ MORE

Fat Transfer for Facial Contour Deformities?

The information concerning fat transfer out there is confusing and contradictory. Can fat be used to correct rolling scars or contour deformities (such as dents in the face... READ MORE

Recent comments from pipinghotveggie

Hi i just wanted to let you know that while im sorry you didnt get what you desired,i think it looks great! I had a similar situation happen to me, with artefill, where the dr blatantly ignored my observations and now i rue the day.... READ COMMENT

Please...be happy it didnt show up. artefill is terrible, PERMANENT stuff. good luck to you. P.S. i would know...just read my review!! READ COMMENT

I do not have HIV fortunately, but i did lose tissue around the right and slightly around the left side of my mouth due to trauma. Artefill filled it. and the right side was quite big. yes, it may work for you. READ COMMENT