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Am I a Candidate for Tummy Tuck, If I had Radiation Treatments 6 Years Ago?

I am a 51 yr old female and have undergone a hysterectomy and pelvic radiation & chemo for cervical cancer. That was 6 yrs ago. One surgeon I consulted said he would not... READ MORE

Traveling for a Face/Neck Lift and Full Recovery?

I live in central Canada but am willing to travel to the States for the procedure and recovery. Is this feasible? If so, how are pre-op consults done? READ MORE

Out of Town Facelift & Recovery

Hello, I am interested in traveling out of town for facial surgery and returning home 2 weeks later. Are there surgery and recovery centers in the States. I live on the east... READ MORE

What Procedure Options Do I Have for Neck Lines?

I am 51 and am bothered daily by the horizontal lines and laxity of my neck. I have a small jaw and weak chin as well. What is my best option and where would any surgical scars... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Have a Neck Lift/lower Facelift with Concealed Scars?

I would have this procedure in a heartbeat if I wasn't so concerned about people noticing the work done. This is probably why women like me continue to spend considerable $ on... READ MORE

Travelling solo for neck/facelift?

I'd like to have this procedure away from home & spend time recovering for 1-2 weeks before returning. Ideally, it would be somewhere where there is coordination between Dr... READ MORE

What is the current recommended protocol for wound care after Facelift?

I have read conflicting information on whether the incision site should be kept dry or moist. Thanks for any clarification. READ MORE

Scar in front of ear 3+ weeks post facelift (Photo)

Hello, I'm wondering if anything can be done to expedite healing in the tragus area. The other ear is in much better shape. Should I leave alone, apply ointment or do something... READ MORE

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I agree about the camera angles. No one would look their best from those unnatural angles. Your result is excellent - you look very pretty!! Relax and enjoy your new look :) READ COMMENT

Sorry meant to say - "I guess topical antibiotics aren't necessary ... READ COMMENT

This is definitely not a normal course of healing. I agree with the suggestion to post those 2 pics on the doctor forum. You will get a lot of responses, I'm sure. Please don't take advice from anyone other than a plastic surgeon. ... READ COMMENT

You are looking great for so early along! The reality is that recovery from this procedure is long. People still have swelling discomfort weeks out, so adjusting expectations is important. So is patience. My procedure was 4 weeks ago... READ COMMENT

My surgeon advises no driving for a week after bleph surgery. Your eyes can be very swollen. Also everyone's surgery and recovery are different , so I would ask your doctor for his guidelines. I think you should have some back up... READ COMMENT