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Kicked in the Stomach - OUH

I had lipdisolve on my stomach - the actual pricking of the needle over 100 times did not hurt - it was the burning sensation that followes about 3 minutes after the shot - it burned so bad - like a really bad cramping sensation - (like the worst diareha pains in your life) this pain continued for hours - my only relief was a very tight band i wore around my belly for 2 weeks non stop a... READ MORE

Everyone Needs It!

I love botox! i am only 33 and started getting a little botox for crows feet and the furrow lines between my brows - it takes 3 days to really start to work i was amazed- stunned really - i look like im 23 - and i havnt lost any facial expressions i realize that 250 may not come easily to some people - but i would go without many things for my botox!!@! READ MORE