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I Won't Need a Costume for Halloween This Year.. Yikes! Lol! - Gig Harbor, WA

In my never ending quest for lost youth, and after countless hours of research, I decided that Botox would be my magic bullet for treating my crows feet, those super cool lines that traverse across my forehead, and last but not least, those really neat bulges that occur under my eyes when I smile. Fun! So anyway, two weeks ago I went to see my dermatologist, eagerly anticipating the joys... READ MORE

I See No Difference...Perhaps I Am Blind!

Well for starters, it hurts like a Mo-Foe..(and yes...Mo-Foe is an adjective..also a noun) And after everything is said and done, you will look like a recently deceased baboon's behind... all red and swollen with a hint of blue. (The blue is from the dye)The blue does fade quickly, however the red swollen part remains for at least five days. But the bottom line is, you will certainly not... READ MORE

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One thing I know for sure is... I will never cry again...NEVER! Lol! But I'm so glad to hear you think you might be improving... I think I am too and I am only 17 days into this.. So perhaps there is a light at the end of this tunnel..... READ COMMENT

Thanks for the info Melty :-) I am already starting to see and feel some difference...I think I have some movement in my forehead, and my brow seems to have gone up a little... Maybe it's all wishful thinking, or perhaps I've just... READ COMMENT

Just thought I'd give you all a heads up.. Crying and Botox do not mix well together. Oh my!LOL! I just cried for a few minutes over something completely non-botox related... and what I saw in the mirror afterward scared the daylights... READ COMMENT

I just had the Botox for my crows feet, (no filler) but it sounds like we got the same result. Because like you, my right side is not nearly as bad as my left. Sheesh! I lost a dimple... an entire dimple just vanished... Poof!Lol! And... READ COMMENT

That's good to hear Alliesmom, I can't hardly wait for people to quit telling me I look tired..etc. But the sad thing is, I just did this to myself on the 3rd of this month so I have a looong wait...LOL! On the bright side, the days are... READ COMMENT