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Questions from Derek Z

Bigger Nostril Size?

I have a bump on my nose. If the cartilage of my nose is raised to even out the bump, wouldn't that stretch my nostril and make them bigger? READ MORE

Any Fat in Nose?

Are there any fats in a nose or is it just bone and cartilage? READ MORE

Why Won't Pressure Work to Reshape Nose?

Since the nose is mostly water and is made of cartilage, why wouldn't pressure work on reshaping it? Are there any scientific evidence or articles talking about this? READ MORE

Can Retin-A Fade Freckles?

What effect will it have on freckles and whiteheads/ blackheads? READ MORE

Is It Theoretically Possible To Stretch Nose Cartilage Permanently LIke People Do With Their Ears?

Is it theoretically possible to stretch the cartilage on the nose permanently? I heard that people stretch the cartilage on their ears. READ MORE

Would This Be Possible?

The bottom of my nose is quite flat and I want to make it sharper. I feel like going through surgery is a little too much for such a small change. If I wore a comfortable... READ MORE

Nose Modification? Will it Return to it's Original Size Over Time After Being Stretched Out?

My friend got his nose pierced around five years ago. Now, he wants to stretch out the size of his nostrils to make it larger. What are some consequences? He wants to know if... READ MORE

Do I Need Surgery for my Ear?

As I child and well up to my high school years, my mother had a habit of pulling my ears because she thought bigger ears would be more attractive. Personally, I've never minded... READ MORE

Nostrils Returning to Normal?

My friend was dissatisfied with the flatness of her nose so she decided to use one of those chinese clippers products. After around 3 months, she claims her nose looks squashed... READ MORE

Non Surgical Mean to Substitute for Jaw Implant?

I heard that you can increase the size and width of your jaws but exercising the muscles of it frequently so that it will enlarge. Is that possible? READ MORE

How to Temporarily Hide a Bump on Nose?

I'm saving money for a rhinoplasty to remove a nose hump. However, I was wondering if there's a temporary way to hide the bump that is cheap ($100 or less). I don't want to get... READ MORE

Am I Qualified for a Non-surgical Injection? (photo)

I want to get rid of a hump on my nose but I cannot afford rhinoplasty at the moment. Will a non-surgical injection be suitable for me? Would it be able to hide the hump on my... READ MORE

Is It Likely to Pass Along my Nose Hump?

I'm a guy who plans to get a nose job to reduce a hump. I know that surgery usually has a stigma to it and I don't plan to tell anyone about it. My question is, when I do get... READ MORE

Radix graft as the best option?

I have a medium size hump on my nose and want a straighter profile. With hump reduction complications such as mid vault collapse and inverted V shape deformities, would a radix... READ MORE

Could I have a deviated septum even though there is no visual deformity? (photo)

I almost always breathe with my mouth, especially at night. I've tried Claritin and nasal sprays but to no avail. Could it be possible that I have a deviated septum? I have... READ MORE

Discussions started by Derek Z

Getting Rhinoplasty in college without anyone knowing?

So I have absolutely no problem with my nose except the bump on it. My nose might be sort of big and it's not exactly the sharpest masculine nose ever, but I am happy with it... READ MORE

Dealing with the "plastic" issue

I want to get a nose job, but that means I will never be completely "natural". I'll always be "fake", even if all I want to change is a small hump on my nose. Has anyone dealt... READ MORE

Long Term Results on Nose?

I was just wondering if anyone has had a Rhinoplasty for at least 3 years or more. If your nose still fine? Did it collapse or have any problem after a while? I know a lot of... READ MORE

Moral Consequences With Rhinoplasty

I've been thinking about getting a rhinoplasty done but there are several questions that I hope some of you can enlighten me on. They always bother me and I'm always trying... READ MORE

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