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Well, I wish you well. It's been at least two and half years. I still cannot feel my neck. And when I look down, the paid is still there. So I wish you well. Sue READ COMMENT

Hi Don't remember his name. Just go to a real certified plastic surgeion and do your homework. Thanks READ COMMENT

Whatever you do, don't do it. My neck hurts all the time. Vanity is not worth this kind of pain. It always feels like someone has their hands wrapped around my neck and is choking me. All these doctor's are there because they can't... READ COMMENT

Good for you. I had the lifestyle lift three years ago in Waltham. -- unbelievable pain and discomfort still. Wish I had read te reviews. READ COMMENT

I had my lifestyle lift near Boston three years ago and I am still in pain in my neck. It still feels like someone is chocking me all the time, but especially at night. I had mine done in Waltham, Mass, but a year later they moved to... READ COMMENT