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And just why is Kardashian a "celebrity"? I'm sorry, but I missed that part. READ COMMENT

And what would Jesus say about your comments? Do you really think Jesus would be condemning her as a slut? READ COMMENT

Would that be because Darkque didn't jump on the crazed mob mentality meme of Anthony being automatically guilty? When our nation falls to the level of having Nancy Disgrace decide a person's guilt then the unfounded claims will mean... READ COMMENT

Anthony was found "Not Guilty" be her peers. YOU were not asked to try or judge the case. Therefore your opinion is irrelevant. America is based upon the rule of law. According to law, she was arrested and tried before an open court.... READ COMMENT

Actually there is. A "Not Guilty" verdict means a court (including a jury) found there was insufficient evidence to convict a person of the crime. It does not mean they didn't do it. There is "reasonable doubt" the accused did the... READ COMMENT