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Wonderful TOOL- Not a Cure!! WORTH IT - Seattle, WA

Height: 5'9 Highest weight: 297 Surgery weight: 263 Current weight: 165 I had my VSG in January 2010 at age 25. I didn't want gastric bypass or RNY because I didn't want to deal with malabsorption issues such as vitamin deficiencies, dumping, and osteoporosis. My surgeon didn't recommend the lap band because many people have problems with it and he wasn't even putting them in... READ MORE

Beautiful New Breasts, Stomach, Arms. Satisfied Repeat Patient - Kirkland, WA

I lost over 100 pounds and my breasts (and stomach and arms) were terrible looking. Cons: painful recoveries, expensive, took a lot of time off work Pros: I love my body again and am comfortable being naked (priceless) I thought I knew what size I wanted (300cc), and he was firm about what size he knew I needed in order to be proportional (480cc). I was scared because I didn't agree at... READ MORE

Piece of Cake, Almost Painless Recovery! - Kirkland, WA

I lost 140lb and have already had a full anchor-cut tummy tuck and breast lift with augmentation. I'm 28 but had the arms of a 60 year old. They didn't have much fat left on them but there were folds of empty, crepe-like skin hanging down. I never wore short sleeves. I am 3 days post-op right now and I'm truly shocked at how easy this has been. I took 1 vicodin the night I got home from... READ MORE

Hard Recovery but Worth It! - Kirkland, WA

I lost 140lb and was left with a big squishy sack of skin hanging off my stomach both below and above the bellybutton. I opted for an anchor-cut tummy tuck, which removes a vertical wedge of skin in addition to the bottom part. I couldn't stand up straight for 2 weeks, and needed round the clock help for that entire time. It was painful, and I had to go to physical therapy a few months later... READ MORE

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WLS = Weight Loss Surgery READ COMMENT

Not for me, no. I had no trouble using the bathroom. The only thing I needed help with was getting shirts on and off (even button-up ones) for the first few days, and tying my hair up. I don't know if you are getting any lipo with your... READ COMMENT

Thank you! I had weight loss surgery, a vertical sleeve gastrectomy. I have to work very hard to keep the weight off by watching my food and doing a ton of bike riding. Not easy but it has been completely worth it. READ COMMENT

Congrats, I think you'll be very happy! It has been such a painless recovery, and I am already very happy. I don't regret it for a second. Yes, I have the scar which will take some getting used to. But before I never would have worn a... READ COMMENT

Thank you so much! I had my procedure done in sept 2011 so I'm about 9 months post-op. READ COMMENT