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Going to Rack City! - White Plains, NY

Since middle school, I've always known I wanted to get breast implants (even though I wasn't fully developed, haha!) My idea of the "perfect pair" are the kind you find in magazines that look somewhat fake but still natural, if that makes any sense. Anyways, I had my nose done first in 2011 which was my number one, and after many long, drawn out months of waiting (I'll explain why) I'm finally... READ MORE

Coolsculpting - Harrison, NY

A little background about me: I'm 22, exercise almost every day (cardio and weights), and eat really healthy, aside from the occasional drink and treat here and there. All this being said, I'm what doctors would call a "good candidate" for this procedure. I had my lower abdomen done today since I've had such a hard time getting the last "pack" of 6. I did my... READ MORE

Slight Bump and Tip Reduction- So Worth It! - Mount Kisco, NY

I have never been happy with the appearance of my nose. I had always felt it was a bit too big for my face, and I broke it when I was younger, leave a slight bump. When I smiled, the tip went further down than I liked, and at certain angles my nose just looked big. I have spent years being self-conscious in front of the camera; always deleting photos of myself where my nose looked bad and... READ MORE

Questions from blondiexpink

How Long Does Loss of Feeling in the Tip Last After Rhinoplasty?

I had my rhinoplasty a week ago and had the tip taken down and haven't had any feeling there since. I know my nose is still very swollen, but is this something I should... READ MORE

How Much Liposuction Can Be Done at Once? Can I Have Multiple Body Areas Treated At Once?

I work out 6-7 days a week and follow a pretty strict (healthy) diet. I've had the same "trouble" spots since I was young, like my thighs and upper arms and have... READ MORE

Getting Rid of Purple Undereyes?

I have suffered from dark purple undereyes ever since childhood. I eat very well, exercise regularly, and overall take great care of myself. The research I've done online tells... READ MORE

Can I Maintain My Super Active Lifestyle After Breast Implants?

I lead a super active life, which I suppose you could say is "crazier" than most. Not only do I engage in physical activity 6-7 days a week (lifting and cardio) but I regularly... READ MORE

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Feeling Alone After Surgery

Getting a BA is a huge step in all aspects including emotionally. This is where it's so crucial to have support from loved ones. Does anyone else feel "alone" after their... READ MORE

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Thank you :) Best decision and easy process ever! READ COMMENT

Thank you! Sorry, I just noticed this! I actually got Microloops put in, have had them for 3 months and love them! I buy them myself and bring them to a lady I know who does hair who installs them for $50 so it's a good deal ;) But the... READ COMMENT

Sorry, I'm just now seeing a bunch of these comments! Thank you! I only chose saline because the silicone aspect freaked me out but they're totally fine. When I squeeze them or bend forward far enough I can feel the fluid sloshing... READ COMMENT

LOL I know right?!? God. I definitely set myself up for a lifetime of alterations but this was definitely going to happen, it's just how I am :-p READ COMMENT

Sorry, somehow I missed a bunch of comments! I am a D, a tiny bit smaller than my last post but am doing great! I just updated and only wish I went bigger! READ COMMENT