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Happy with Open/in the Hair Line Brow Lift

Pros--natural result; better lift than botox; open procedure lowered high hairline for better proportions to the face. the hairline incision was causing me much anxiety pre surgery but really pleased and how thin the scar is and see it diappearing already!Cons--not known at this time (not expecting many) but wasn't prepared for such bruising and swelling under eyes, lower face and neck.I... READ MORE

Fraxel Great for Overall Skin Quality! - Philadelphia, PA

I had four treatments 6 weeks apart last year of Fraxel 2. Ther first two the settings were low and I responded well to the pain. I asked the dr. to crank up to highest setting for the last two and then I really noticed the difference. I was able to tolerate the pain w. a small dose of percocet. My downtime was minimal-swelling that evening and two days prior, absolutely ready to go out... READ MORE

Questions from tealeaves

Will Open Brow Lift Scar Heal Nicely?

I am considering an open brow lift to correct my hereditary low brow and high forehead. I've been keeping my brow elevated with Botox in the past 5 years. I have total trust... READ MORE

Ointment for Scar from Tricophytic Brow Lift?

I'm nervous about the scar healing following a Tricophytic brow lift. Surgeons, do you have suggestions for types of ointments to use after the scar has closed? Any supplements... READ MORE

Pelleve Frequency, How Often, How Long Does It Last?

Hi, I've heard conflicting reports on how often to get Pelleve (6 months?) and how many treatments to get to start (2-3). Also, how is this different than Thermage? READ MORE

TMD Patient Considering Full Mouth Restoration?

TMD issues have plagued me for the last 15 years. I discovered the field of Neuromuscular dentistry and have had my upper teeth fully restored 7 years ago. It didn't alleviate... READ MORE

Braces on Veneers, is It Possible?

I'm a TMD patient who has had TMD issues for 15 years. I've had my uppers restored w veneers and now considering the lowers which are worn down from grinding and I have a... READ MORE

Considering a Vestibuloplasty for Minimal Tooth Show?

I've been to aneuromuscular dentistry to treat TMD. I've also invested in a full mouth restoration to replace small, worn teeth. I'm happy that I'm out of pain but dissatisfied... READ MORE

Benefits of Chin Aug Intraorally Vs. Extraorally?

Hi, can surgeons comment on the approach they like to make for chin augmentations (intraorally vs. extraorally)? Also, can you comment on the typical downtime, swelling and... READ MORE

Smart Lipo over 70?

I'm asking this question on behalf of my mom She is over 70 and it fine shape, no hypertension or high cholesterol and no heart disease. She's having a hard time finding a... READ MORE

Facial Fat Grafting vs. Selphyl. What's the best option for facial atrophy?

I had two treatments two years ago of Selphyl for some minimal lower face, cheek facial atrophy. I felt it gave minimal improvement. I'm seeing a new dr. and he recommends... READ MORE

CoolSculpting for arms: should I wait?

From my research, it appears that some physicians are doing arm Coolsculpting w. the equipment designated for abs and flanks. I'm told that there will be a specific arm... READ MORE

Recent comments from tealeaves

May I suggest facial exercises? If you are disciplined (10-15 mins a day) these absolutely work and have a much more natural look. This person has the best free videos/programs online. Plastic surgeons will tell you these don't work as... READ COMMENT

Hi, ladies: these sound like hormonal issues and maybe consider going to a functional medicine Dr. and have your hormones (thyroid, estrogens, progesterone, testosterone) checked out. when your hormones are off all these symptoms can... READ COMMENT

Thanks for posting the additional photos. it is such a lovely enhancement and not over done in the least. fillers cost a ton when you add up years of getting them, so this is a wise move to go for something more permanent once you... READ COMMENT

You look stunning! do you have a before shot to compare by chance? dig your cool NY style. READ COMMENT

Dr. Bottger is a fabulous surgeon and a stand up guy. He gave my mother the most beautiful face lift years ago (she still looks great at 75) and I've seen him for some smaller type procedures. He is wonderful and his staff is highly... READ COMMENT