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Rhinoplasty With Silicone Bridge Aug- When Would Potential Infection Occur?

I recently had a rhinoplasty with silicon bridge augmentation. my understanding is with any foreign implant there is a significant chance of infection. is there a spcific... READ MORE

Chronic Infection from Earring an Indication of Possible Rejection of Silicone Implant?

For 3 years, I have had a chronic infection from a cartilage ear piercing. My earrings were made from surgical grade steel and I took very good care of the piercing. I asked my... READ MORE

How Long After Rhinoplasty with Silicone Augmentation Can I Consume Medical Grade Edibles?

I had a rhinoplasty with silicone and my doctor advised me to stay away from alcohol and cigarettes for the first two months in order to promote healing and decrease the chance... READ MORE

I Had an Ear Infection from a Cartilage Ear Piercing at the Time of my Rhinoplasty...

I had an ear infection from a cartilage ear piercing at the time of my rhinoplasty using silicone. Is this going to increase the chance of my silicone implant becoming infected? READ MORE

Does Slight Redness on Nose Bridge 3 Weeks Post Rhinoplasty Using Silicone Indicate Infection?

I had an open rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago and had a 2.5mm I-shaped silicone placed on my bridge. It was wrapped with fascia in order for the implant to appear more natural. For... READ MORE

Lower Eyes Very Uneven After Lower Blepharoplasts

I am a 32 year old female and 4 weeks ago I went through a non-incisional lower eye lid blepharoplasty. I had very prominent tear troughs and my surgeon took the fat that was... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Use Safetox After Rhinoplasty with Silicone Bridge?

I had a rhinoplasty with i-shaped silicone bridged and ear & septal cartilage tip 6 weeks ago. I am interested in purchasing a device called safetox that uses electronic... READ MORE

My Eye Feels Stiff After Botox. Will This Lead to my Eye Drooping?

I received a botox injection today in the frown lines between my eyebrows & on the bridge of my nose. The only aftercare instruction I received was to avoid strenuous... READ MORE