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Is It a Good Idea to Use Banked Rib Cartilage?

I will be having a revision rhinoplasty done and my doctor wants to use banked rib cartilage. Is this a good idea? He states that using my own is very risky due to other... READ MORE

Who Should I Go to in NY for a Revision Rhinoplasty?

My nose is destroyed. This will be my third rhinoplasty. Basically my nose is too short and I have exposed, large nostrils. I look like Ms. Piggy which was not the case... READ MORE

Is Fat Injections Recommended on Chin Augmentation?

I had a chin augmentation twice and it still not right. My doctor is not wanting to take it off and replace it b/c he states I can make things worse. He is wanting to use fat... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get a Photograph?

I am going for a revision rhinoplasty and chin augmentation. I would like a picture showing me what I may look like is this possible? I am scared to have something done without... READ MORE

Unhappy With Chin Implants- Will Fat Transfer Change The Look?

I have had two different chin implants and it still doesn't look right? My doctor is not wanting to remove the implant to place another one. He states it's not a good... READ MORE

Can the Skin on my Nose Stretch To Withhold a Revision To Lengthen Nose?

My nose was made so short and I really dislike it. I want my nose lengthened and want my non bulbous nose back. My doctor will use rib cartilage and well as a graft. The skin... READ MORE

Suggestions For Refinement?

I'd like it lengthened, a defined tip and no exposed nostrils. READ MORE

Is Getting a Chin Implant and Fat Transfer Normal for a Chin Augmentation?

I've already had 3 chin implants and unfortunately it does not look normal. I have these dents on the side of my chin that look horrible. My doctor is wanting to place fat to... READ MORE

Do I Need a Smaller, Different Chin Implant or is Fat Injections Ok?

This will be implant #3. Actually my doctor just wants to add fat to my dents on the side. Its been 11 months months since I've had my last chin implant and I'm still a... READ MORE

What is the Process of Using Cartilage to Lengthen the Nose?

Which is the best way to add length to my nose? When ear cartilage is being used where exactly does the cartilage come from? Will my ear be weird looking? What exactly is the... READ MORE

Should I Feel Comfortable Continuing to See this Surgeon?

I am seeing a doctor who is very famous/popular here in NY. I had to wait four months to see him and I've seen him about 3x now. Each time I go see him he is so busy.... READ MORE

How Long Will It Take for Fat Injection to Heal?

I had a chin implant and there are dents on the side of my chin. My doctor wants to provide me with fat injections. Is this normal procedure? How long will it take before I... READ MORE

How Did my Nostrils Become So Big? I've Had 2 Surgeries.

My nostrils were so small I could not fit my pinky in my nose now that is all you see is these extremely large nostrils. What happened? How can I get them to how they were... READ MORE

Is There a Chin Implant for Everyone? I've Had Two And Am Unhappy.

The reason I ask is because I've already had two chin implants and it still does not look right. I have these dents on the side now and my doctor is wanting to provide me... READ MORE

What Happens if I Don't Like the Way my Chin Looks with Fat Injections?

I already have a chin implant and its my second one but I have these dents on the side. My doctor wants to place fat injections. I am scared because I believe fat injections... READ MORE