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What is Fraxel SR750 or SR1500?

I just want to know, which between "Re:Store" or "Re:fine" does Fraxel SR750 belong to? I've done some research on the latest Fraxel SR1500 which is... READ MORE

Subcision After Fraxel Laser

I heard that subcision followed by Fraxel Laser has had great results for acne scar patients (I am not sure if this is in the same session or separate). I have had 5 Fraxel... READ MORE

TCA Chemical Peel for Acne Scars

Will TCA Chemical peel help improve acne scars? If so, for which types (ice pick, rolling, boxcar) is it most effective? READ MORE

20% TCA Peel Followed by 100% TCA Cross for Deeper Scars?

Since TCA Peel is applied to exfoliate the skin in uniform depth, would applying TCA cross on top of the peel for deeper rolling/ice-pick scars cause irregular dermal... READ MORE

Jessner and TCA Peel for Asian Skin?

Has anyone with Asian skin tried Jessner's and 20% TCA peel on the same setting? What would I expect from then on and how long is the downtime? I am preparing to do this next... READ MORE

Having Subcision and Fraxel on Same Day?

Can Subcision be done prior to Fraxel re:store on the same day? READ MORE

Getting Sculptra in Between Fraxel Treatments?

I am thinking of Sculptra as an adjuct treatment with Fraxel Re:store. However, which treatment should come first and how far apart in time between the two treatments I should... READ MORE

Subcision and Sculptra on Non-scarred Tissue?

I have rolling and ice pick scars on the face. My doctor recommends subcision and Sculptra on the whole face rather than spot-treat each scar. What are the pros and cons to... READ MORE

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What Do You Think of Sephyl?

What can you say about Sephyl? Is this better than other fillers? It has been recently approved by the FDA in Oct 2009 for acne and post-op scars. READ MORE

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Seriously?? lumps for 6 months to one year?! i thought it would break down by itself in a matter of a few months, according to their website? could this be due to an overproduction of collagen production in situ? i imagine using some... READ COMMENT

Hi, How long have you had the Sculptra for? Could the lumps be explained by the fact that Sculptra requires a few months to disintegrate? READ COMMENT