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Well I consider myself lucky to look stunning and the wisdom vie gained only time can teach you, no I DONT think of injecting more poisoned polymers into my body, by the way I have beautiful skin . Go with your instinct feelings if you... READ COMMENT

Unfortunately it is different for each individual , my lips were done against my will, It was suggested by someone special and I was told it was collagen it would go away some people remain soft but my lips actually grew with time till... READ COMMENT

What is this fixation you have with Silicone ? The 4 people on this thread including myself are all telling you the truth about a controlled substance. If your a moderator please research Silicone or pmma shots nothing permanent... READ COMMENT

Do you know someone who asks the same question expecting a different answer is one of the true meaning of insanity. I wish I had Internet in 89 when I had my ass done . I would have a nice soft but everyone said that Raquel Welch and... READ COMMENT

Would you please listen and google Silicone medical grade fluid dermal fillers and you will educate that Silicone is great , for the lubrication of engine parts not a dermal filler READ COMMENT