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I agree with laserlady and laserdoc. Our experience here at the med spa has been really really good!!! We haven't had anyone complain about not liking their treatments. We sell them in a package of 10. READ COMMENT

Hi Bailey, Of course it isn't going to work for you all you did was 3 treatments in 4 weeks and the place you went to should have known that. I have used it and I did 2 treatments a week for 4 weeks and I saw a HUGE difference. Of... READ COMMENT

I am so shocked to hear this because all of our patients have LOVED it! Who knows maybe the technician didn't have proper training how to use it to be most effective. Sorry to hear that! READ COMMENT

Of course the SmoothShapes doesn't give you the results you need in 2. The protocol is for 8 treatments and we sell them in a package of 10 at our med spa. I am not surprised that after 2 you aren't satisfied but you should have been... READ COMMENT