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The Difference Between Life and Death - California

Insurance Approved I had Gastric Bypass November 28, 2006. I weighed 383 at my highest weight. I weigh 173 today. I was 42 when I had the surgery and had waited several years before really going for it. The reason I had gastric bypass was because I was tired. I was tired of dying. I was tired of not being able to walk without holding on to things for help. At night-I could hear... READ MORE

Juviderm, Botox- Cheeks, Lips, Tear Troughs, Nasal-labial - England, UK

Both Botox and Juvederm Cheeks Tear troughs nose to mouth lips Pros: Less than an hour to transform Malleable-so can shape better Relatively low pain (but that is probably person by person) Cons: Really-just the cost. However-it was worth it for me! I am 45. I have lost over 200 lbs (gastric bypass)-four years ago. So-double whammy of 40 plus aging and loss of... READ MORE

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Hi Luv, have you contacted the person who did your procedure? Please be sure to let them know. Swelling and knots or lumps can happen even a week out. It's totally ok to moisturize your lips with a soothing, non menthol lip balm. Use... READ COMMENT

Hello, you may want to post this question as a new subject or under a post where they answer these types of questions. If you check the subject of this poster, you will see she has had a negative experience, and is quite upset about it... READ COMMENT

Good for you!! xx :)   I sometimes think they expect most of us not to continue on with a complaint. There are LOADS of great doctors out there, but the ones that try and avoid responsibility should expect a visit. If you... READ COMMENT

Hello again, I didn't realize you have had it that long! That is NOT acceptable at all. Have you gone back to the person who did the injections and asked them to correct this? I understand you may not be comfortable to do so, but... READ COMMENT

Hello, I am also in Lancashire (Blackburn/Darwen). You can get an injection to dissolve. However it is wise to give it a bit of time to calm. I am so sorry you have to suffer at all, it's not fair.    I have had my... READ COMMENT