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Ultimately Pleased, but Recovery Time Considerable.

I received Juvederm in my nasolabial folds, upper lip, and to push out a scar beneath my lower lip that was deepening into a wrinkle.  One thing that surprised me was that the topical anesthetic was more unpleasant than I anticipated.  The dental block was basically like what you'd get from a dentist.  The Juvederm injections themselves were just a little uncomfortable -- the... READ MORE

Problem is Inconsistency of Results

My regular dermatologist referred me to a cosmetic dermatologist to treat spider veins behind my nose.  I had had them treated with laser many years ago, but they had come back.  When I consulted the cosmetic dermatologist, she gave me three options for treating the spider veins.  I mentioned to her that I had also wanted to ask her about options for lightening melasma and age... READ MORE

I Was Pleased, but No Way Should You Do This for Mild Stains or Yellowing

I had severe discoloration as a result of staining after orthodontia, natural ivory and yellow color of my teeth, and coffee and tea use. The dentist who performed Zoom was a different doctor than the one I usually see at this practice. To give you an idea of the extent of the discoloration, she kept saying that she thought I had staining from tetracyline, and I had to keep reminding her... READ MORE

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Safe Treatment for Seborrhoeic Keratoses While Pregnant?

Hi, I am in my forties and pregnant, and I guess the increased oil production is making the keratoses on my forehead just go crazy.Before pregnancy, I had just had individual... READ MORE

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OK, several weeks after my last post, I'm firmer in my "not worth it" assessment. The age spots are coming back; the melasma is coming back; the broken capillaries look about the same as before treatment. That's a whole lot of cash... READ COMMENT