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Skin Problems That SmartXide Treat? Sun Damage and Wrinkles

I am 40 years old with severe sun damage, crow's feet, and wrinkles on my nose, top of the lips, and on the sides of my mouth. My skin also has a rough texture with... READ MORE

SmartXide Downtime?

I'm thinking of having SmartXide to address severe sun damage, facial wrinkles, enlarged pores, and rough skin texture. How much downtime can I expect with SmartXide? I cannot... READ MORE

Is Smartxide Dot Therapy Safe for Sensitive Skin?

I am 39 with severe sun damage, wrinkles, and uneven texture to my skin. I have used the Obagi system, but I couldn't use Retin-A everyday because my skin was too sensitive... READ MORE

Sedation for Smartxide Dot Therapy?

My doctor said he'll sedate me for Smartxide Dot Therapy. Is sedation really usually done for this procedure? READ MORE

Smartxide Dot Therapy Vs Laser Gensesis

Which between Smartxide Dot Therapy and Laser Genesis will give me better results? I am 39 with severe sun damage, wrinkles, uneven texture, and have very fair, sensitive skin. READ MORE

Is Smartxide Dot Therapy the Same As Pulsed CO2 Laser Resurfacing?

I was scheduled to have Smartxide Dot Therapy in January. I have done a lot of research on this procedure. My surgeon was going to sedate me during this procedure. I received a... READ MORE

Tretinoin for Shrinking Facial Pores?

Does Tretinoin skincare products like Renova and Retin-A help shrink facial pores? READ MORE

Laser Treatment for Oily Skin?

I am trying to improve the texture of my skin. It has a very greasy, shiny look with a lot of pores all over my face. I am on the Obagi system using Renova .02%. My... READ MORE

IPL Vs. Photofacial - What's the Difference?

What's the difference between IPL and a Photofacial? READ MORE

Laser Genesis - Is It the Same As Photo Facial or IPL?

I am wondering if Laser Genesis is the same type of procedure as IPL or Photofacial. Thanks! READ MORE

Best Laser Treatment for Wrinkles, Sun Damage, and Skin Tightening?

Which between the CO2 Dot therapy and the Sciton Profractional Laser would you recommend for wrinkles, sun damage, and skin tightening? Which of the two has less down time and... READ MORE

Does Sciton Laser with Micropeel Cause Skin Thinning?

I have severe sun damage and wrinkles on face, but I am only 39 years old. Will Sciton Profractional Laser and Micropeel cause the skin to thin? I'm concerned that I might be... READ MORE

What Are the Potential Side Effects of Sciton Laser?

What would be the potential side effects of Sciton Profractional Laser, and the worst case if something went wrong with it? Thank you. READ MORE

Chemical Peel Recommendation for Fair Skin with Severe Sun Damage and Wrinkles?

What type of chemical peel would you recommend for someone with very fair skin, severe sun damage, wrinkles on top of lips and crow's feet? What concentration would you... READ MORE

Can Lasers Cause Damage to DNA?

I am very concerned about the fractional lasers. I have heard that any laser can cause DNA damage. Have you heard anything about this? What are the risks of Sciton BBL... READ MORE

Obagi Peel for Better Skin Texture?

Is Obagi peel a good peel? I have been on the Obagi enhancement. I use .05% Renova with the treatment. Would the peel give me better texture? Thanks. READ MORE

Can Sciton Laser or Fraxel Laser Burn the Skin?

I saw on RealSelf a young woman that had Fraxel Laser done two years ago and has severe sores on her face. She looks terrible. Can Fraxel Laser or Sciton Laser really burn the... READ MORE

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Awalk, Thank you for sharing us your story. I am schedule to have sciton profractional laser done on my chest next week and then I was thinking about having my face done. I am going to cancel my appointment. I had one sciton BBL... READ COMMENT

Iracalriley, Thanks for the information. I am looking at another surgeon in town that does sciton profractional laser. Have you heard much about this laser? They will not sedate me, just use a numbing cream. Thanks for answering... READ COMMENT

Iracarley, Thank you for the information. I have cancelled by appointment. I received my preop in the mail. The doctor was going to sedate me and he called it a "pulsed co2 laser resurfacing." I called their office and asked if... READ COMMENT

Iracalriley, I am having dot therapy in january. I was wondering what you looked like as soon as you got home. Were you swollen? Also, what were you instructed to do for your face. Did you wash daily? if so, what did you use for... READ COMMENT