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Help! Female, Wants a More Feminine Facial Appearance

I'd like to feminize my features a little more. I find that when I'm not wearing makeup, I tend to not look so soft and, well, pretty. I've lost 10 lb. and plan to... READ MORE

Asymmetric/uneven Eyebrows and Eyelid

Just wondering what options I have for my eyebrow and eyelid. Ideally, I'd like to match my left (your right) eyelid and eyebrow, as I like showing more lid and prefer the... READ MORE

Asymmetric Cheeks/face

Female, 21, 5'5" 147 lb. What are my options in regards to the contours of my face? The left side has always been much "thinner" looking whereas the right... READ MORE

I Like my "Ptosis"

I posted here a month ago about my uneven brow/lid. General consensus was see on occuplastic surgeon for ptosis (please see link for add. photos: http://www.realself... READ MORE

Cost With Combination Rhinoplasty/Chin Reduction/Submental Lipo? (photo)

How much would the combination of the two or three procedures cost? If they can be combined that is. I imagine it would be cheaper. I've attached a before/after photo of... READ MORE

Will a Rhinoplasty Inevitably Need a Revision Down the Road?

I know breast augmentations require after x amount of years to be "redone" or have the implants replaced, and that the skin changes and all that. So my question is... READ MORE

Crooked Philtral Column/uneven Upper Lip? (photo)

I've got a bit of a combination problem in that my nose isn't quite "in the middle" and neither is my philtral column. My nose angles one way while my philtral column angles... READ MORE

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Wow - you look freaking fantastic! My friend had a breast augmentation with Messa too and she raved about him. She said she got it done for 4800 which is not too bad I don't think. I'm wondering though, you said he offered you lipo? How... READ COMMENT

I agree, I'd like to see the scars. I'm trying not to do things based on money but Blinksi seems relatively cheap compared to what I've seen in the Miami/FTL area. Only thing is, he doesn't have that many good photos on his site of lipo... READ COMMENT

Hi srugg, The price you have listed that you paid, was that for everything? I see the rhinoplasty was because you couldn't breathe properly, so is that not included in the cost (I'm guessing insurance covered it?) Thanks! READ COMMENT