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Is Juvederm Used on Scars ?

Hi there, I had a great experience with Juvederm for my hollow eyes and I had a very old scar which looks like a white fine line caused by a minor childhood burn, the scar is... READ MORE

What is the Best Dermal Filler for Decolletage Rejuvenation ?

I had juvederm in my tear trough and I am suggested as well to do it for a decolletage rejuvenation as I start having a wrinkled decolletage, wrinkles look like strechmarks and... READ MORE

Esthelis Basic is It a Good Treatment of Scarring ?

Hi,I had juvederm 2 in a depressed facial scar a week ago and am pretty disappointed as there is no substantial improvement. I'm advised to use another filler which is... READ MORE

What's the Best Filler for Crow's Feet ?

Hi, I want to have some injections into my crow's feet wrinkles as I have two fine lines on my side eyes so 4 in total,according to you what's the best filler for... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Have a 25% TCA Peel Before Doing a TCA Cross Method for Scars Removal ?

GD,I had juvederm into an old depressive scar which had been unsuccessfully treated 15 years ago by a dermabrasion and unfortunately,the scar is still visible.I'm now very... READ MORE

Are a TCA Peel 25 %+ a TCA Cross Treatment Efficient to Remove Scars ?

GD,I had 2 weeks ago a juvederm injection to treat a scar but it didn't work that much which upsets me.Iam now skepitical+pretty desperate and I've been recommended to... READ MORE

What's the Difference Between a Pyruvic and a TCA Peel in Terms of Results ?

Dear professionals,I read that a Pyruvic peel would be similar to a TCA peel in terms of results and the Pyruvic one might have the advantage of being less restricting. I'd... READ MORE

Restylane Touch-up After Juvederm 2 in the Tear Trough Area, Contraindication?

Dear professionals, On july 2011, I am injected twice juvederm 2 in the tear trough to fill my hollows. I would like to know if it's possible to have a touch-up with... READ MORE

Is Vitix Safer and As Efficient As Prototopic to Stimulate Dermal Pigmentation?

Hi,on 01/2012, I had a dermabrasion to remove sun wrinkles&freckles. My problem is ,wrinkles + freckles are gone but I got white scars on my face & burns on my... READ MORE