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You are calling it scar tissue but it is most likely what we call "post operative edema." I have seen some very impresssive edema with very large "hard spots" that go away to an absolutely beautiful result. It can take 6 to 8 month for... READ COMMENT

Sue, I understand your frustration but what you are experiencing still may be totally and completely normal. If you want to try and speed the process why don't you go for lymphatic drainage or ultrasound treatments. YOu could look up a... READ COMMENT

Hang in there. What you are experiencing is completely normal. All smartlipo patients have some level of post operative edema (swelling) which creates the hard and lumpy feeling and appearance. The best thing you can do is massage the... READ COMMENT

I am a very big injector of Radiesse and all of the dermal fillers. My patients think the product is fantastic. A few things regarding your does not sound you had enough product to finish the correction. Usually I let my... READ COMMENT

Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience. When I inject lips, I numb patients with both a cream and a nerve block similar to what you receive at the dentist. It makes the lip injection virtually pain free. You should ask for a dental... READ COMMENT