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Much better. Still some swelling and stiffness when moving after sitting too long. also the hardness and numbness I'm getting used to. The suit started causing some serious irritation from rubbing so I ended up in spanx and flexees... READ COMMENT

I did mine during a 3 week vacation to Peru. Visited some friends and used the same surgeon my friend used. let me know if you want more details. READ COMMENT

OMG! I woke up today feeling like a new person. I decided last night to loosen up the compression suit a bit by hooking it on the 2nd set of hooks to the point it was uncomfortable but leaving the rest hooked on the first so I could... READ COMMENT

Thanks for clarification. should I start the arnica gel now? When do i use the firming lotion? Right now I'm still too sore to want to do more touching than I have to. I wear a shirt under the garment for comfort. Think that's a... READ COMMENT

These comments have been helpful since I'm experiencing so much of what you all are. The stiffness in the morning is a drag. Nobody is mentioning going to the bathroom frequently. When I have to go the urge is so great I almost wet... READ COMMENT