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Fat Transfer to Breasts - My doctor says they can get me up 2 cup sizes. I am about 5'4 107 lbs and 22 years old.

I'm looking to get a fat transfer to my breasts. My doctor says they can get me up 2 cup sizes ( I am about 5'4 107 lbs and 22 years old). They're going to be using UAL... READ MORE

Technique to Get Fat Transfer for Breast Augmentation

I need to know. Someone please help. I keep going back and forth on whether or not to get fat transfer to my breasts for augmentation and that reason is because of some of the... READ MORE

FAT Transfer OR Breast Implants That FEEL Like the Real Thing???

Ok,i think i've given up on my hope and quest to enlarge my breasts by fat grafting (unless any of you know a board certified plastic surgeon who can perform this procedure for... READ MORE

Possible to Have Soft and Bouncy Breasts from Implants?

Is it possible to have breast implants that feel soft and bouncy, like real breasts? I want them larger, but not if they are going to be too firm or feel totally different from... READ MORE

Can Body Symmetry Be Achieved with Surgery?

Is it normal for one side of your body to be bigger than the other? i.e- I have a nice shape, but I believe that one side of my buttocks is bigger than the other, one side of... READ MORE

Is It Inevitable to Have Loose Skin and Muscle on the Tummy After Pregnancy?

Heres a good question and I'm sure the BEST person to ask would be a plastic surgeon/fitness expert. Is it INEVITABLE to be left with a fat stomach and loose abdominal... READ MORE

Anti-aging Options for a Young Woman?

I'm 24 years old, but as I am obsessed with my looks, I am looking to find ways to stay looking young. Should I get a mini face lift now or only Botox? What is the best option... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Correct Snaggletooth?

Can Invisalign correct slight overbite/crossbite and snaggletooth or would I need to get some kind of jaw surgery to correct it? READ MORE

Is Lipodissolve Effective for Fat Around Belly Button?

I literally have a little circle of fat about a 1/2 inch thick around my belly button that I could never get rid of. What's the best way to treat this without having... READ MORE

Cost of Liposuction for Tiny Fat Pockets?

I have tiny pockets of fat around my body...if i get liposuction to adress these areas about how much would it cost? (lower ab, flanks, right under the butt, and hips) READ MORE

How Can I Get Carmen Electra Breasts?

I have the same pre-operative breast size and body size as the actress Carmen Electra. Is it possible for me to achieve celebrity breast augmentation results like hers? READ MORE