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Is Three Weeks Enough Time to Recover After Having the Nasal Bone Rasped?

I would be getting about 2 mm rasped off my dorsal hump and a slight bump on the left side of my nose rasped. The surgeon said it would be an endonasal procedure and that this... READ MORE

Can Asymmetry Be Due to Swelling or More Likely a Bad Rasping Job?

I am a little over 1 month post-op after having my nasal bone rasped on the top and left side. My nose seems to be more asymmetrical than before. While I see a slight... READ MORE

Can Tip Reduction Be Performed Under Local Anesthesia?

I had my nasal bone rasped about 1 month ago and thought this would solve my issues with my nose; however, I'm realizing now that I need to get my tip reduced to better fit... READ MORE

Can Elf Ears Be Fixed?

My ears are asymmetrical. My left ear is pointy like an elf and my right ear is less pointy and sticks out. Can this be fixed? READ MORE

How simple is it to rasp bone irregularities after a rhinoplasty?

I had a rhinoplasty to remove my dorsal hump (osteotomy performed) and refine my tip slightly. I am about 2 weeks post op which I know is far too early to assess final results;... READ MORE

Is it unheard of to do a second revision rasping procedure after primary rhinoplasty?

I have wide nasal bones and after my primary rhinoplasty I had residuals bony protrusions on both sides of my nose. A year later I went in for a rasping revision but... READ MORE

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Jobo1636: This helped me so much! I am currently 2 weeks post-op and I was starting to get depressed because not only has the hump not gone seems to be worse and my nose looks more asymmetrical than before surgery. I guess I... READ COMMENT