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Woah! some expensive amount in there! maybe i'd still stick with my anti-wrinkle cream (NeuCell). besides i've accepted that i'm really aging... READ COMMENT

I am not really for botox. maybe because it's expensive and somehow painful? i really prefer using creams instead. i'm now on NeuCell anti-wrinkle cream. it reduces fine lines and even deep wrinkles. so far so good for this product. READ COMMENT

You can try NeuCell anti-wrinkle cream. it's for face and neck. you can read more about it, if you're interested, on their website. READ COMMENT

If you just want to reduce them, try NeuCell anti-wrinkle cream. my mom and i have been using this for quite some time already and it has been working really great. READ COMMENT

I somehow agree with Alise that other means of getting rid of wrinkles but not botox. I've stuck myself with NeuCell anti-wrinkle cream because it didn't cause me any side effects, it works well, and it's affordable. i'd say that there... READ COMMENT