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Breastlift 'Letdown'

I had the anchor breastlift last Sept. and wear a bra even to sleep in. I'm very disappointed. My breasts look like someones breasts who's just going in to get them done. They are sagging with the exception that they are sagging from a higher position on my chest. I've had a 'tweek' surgery in Feb. to correct a fold in my skin in my cleavage, which is still there. The self-confidence I was... READ MORE

Vein Removal Left Dark Purple Mark at Incision Site [ 2 1/2 Mos. Old]

I had a vein behind my right calve removed and I now have blackish-purple mark ,the size of a nickle,at one of the three incision sites. The surgery is 2 1/2 mos. old. Does amyone know what might cause this or what can be done? The doctor says he's never seen this before.Is this permanent? It's more noticable than the vein ever was. READ MORE

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Discomfort After Breast Lift Caused by Vitamins?

I had an anchor type breast lift 2 1/2 months ago. Sometimes there's no discomfort at all, sometimes extreme itching (especially around the nipples) occurs. My breast also... READ MORE

Is There a Procedure to Remove Excess Armpit Skin?

Is there a procedure to remove excess armpit skin? I'm not overweight yet I find that as I'm getting older, the skin in my underarm or armpit is starting to get that 'turkey... READ MORE

Will Stop Wearing Garment After Liposuction Ruin Results?

I had Liposuction for banana rolls 10 days ago and can no longer tolerate the girdle. If I go without it will it just prolong the eventual outcome of the lipo or will it ruin it? READ MORE

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Thanks for the 'support'. I did go in pretty 'firm' , to the point that he 'shussed' me.I do have a consult on May 5th re: lipo of 'banana roll', again not , in my opinion, successful. As his nurse said , he removed a popcan size amt.... READ COMMENT