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Why Do Doctors in Mexico Use Epidural/sedation Vs General Anesthesia as in US for BBL

Also many message boards of BBL patients claim doctors in Mexico provide a more hourglass figure, larger buttocks and less revision rates. Is this true? READ MORE

Where is the Fat Injected During a Brazilian Butt Lift?

For optimal results of a BBL, where is the fat injected? Below, in, or on top of the muscle? READ MORE

What is the Difference Between Centrifuged Fat vs. Fat Mixed with PRP?

What is the difference between centrifuged fat vs fat mixed with PRP (platelet rich plasma). Is it true the latter decreases risk of fat embolism? what can a surgeon do to help... READ MORE

What Are Ways to Help Prevent Fat Embolisms During Lipo/Fat Grafting?

What are ways to help prevent the occurrence of fat embolisms during lipo/fat grafting? READ MORE

Weightlifting After BBL, How Long Should I Wait?

When can I start doing squats and lunges with heavy weights after a Brazilian Buttlift? READ MORE

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Hey u look great at 6mos, what mos did u notice it getting bigger? (fluffing) READ COMMENT

Ya i miss using weights (squats and lunges) so much... builds up the whole area so sexy, hamstrings, legs, butt ughhh! I was told to wait a lil while for that (i think the 6-8 mos mark).. but whatever ur doing is working out great for... READ COMMENT

When did you start doing squats? I'm so scared it will burn the fat away lol how is ur diet like? do u eat alot of protein? READ COMMENT

Lol... thanks for the reply did u find u went through stages of ur butt being bigger/smaller? sometimes I feel like it looks so much bigger some days and then smaller on others :( most ppl have said they found it fluffed out... READ COMMENT

Hey u look great! how long did u not sit on your booty? is there a point where u found your butt got bigger? i'm almost 2 mos and i'm happy but would love for a a lil bigger :( READ COMMENT