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Can Someone with 1 Kidney & Kidney Disease (W Normal Function) Have Breast Augmentation?

I had my right kidney removed in 2010. After weight loss of nearly 80lbs I am in desperate need of a lift and implants. I am concerned that I wont be able to receive implants... READ MORE

Is a vertical cut with Panniculectomy better? (photo)

My surgeon was explaining panniculectomy and mentioned a cut up to my sternum. When I've looked this up online it looks more like that is for Fleur-de-lis tummy tuck. When/why... READ MORE

Breasts shrinking after reduction/lift?

Surgery was last Thursday. When I was able to see them Friday they looked full and uplifted. I just looked at them and now it looks like they are full only at the bottom. Is... READ MORE

Is there any chance of improvement? (photos)

I'm about 11 days post op. The more I look at my breasts the more depressed I am. My husband says give it time as have some of you here. However I don't see how this can get... READ MORE

3.5 weeks post op, no improvement. Any suggestions? (photos)

Dear doctors, I'm asking again about my recent BR. I'm still really unhappy with my results. Uneven shape, uneven nipples and different sized areolas. One nipple is too far... READ MORE

Why would my surgeon barely remove anything?

I have posted a few times recently about my breast reduction last month. Please refer to those questions for photos. I'm now 5.5 weeks post op. Recently tried on DD cup bras.... READ MORE

Should I seek another dr to make me smaller? My breasts might not look that big but I can't fit anything less than dd bras. (pho

I had vertical reduction almost 3mo ago. I was a 34h, now barely squeeze into 34dd. I know it's not about size but the point was I wanted smaller breasts, less heavy, able to... READ MORE

Insurance asking for further info for revision. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am trying to have a failed reduction/lift revised. Insurance is asking new surgeon for medical necessity. I don't have documented proof of rashes/pain but I did talk to him... READ MORE

Follow-Up Question: How to find the best surgeon for a breast reduction revision?

My insurance has approved me to have a revision to my prior reduction. I am still too large at a 34f and the lift did not hold. Needed an anchor but was given short scar. I'm... READ MORE

Does poor skin quality always mean results won't last? (photos)

I had a reduction in Feb. Not enough mass or skin were removed. After speaking to my surgeon he was able to go back and relift/reduce and take off more skin. I love how I look... READ MORE

What is the name/cost of the procedure to remove underarm fat and side boob?

After reduction and revision I am still having a hard time fitting bras. I have to buy larger cup sizes to accommodate the excess fat and skin. If I size up in the band the... READ MORE

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breasts look awful 9 days post op

I was so excited to get my reduction and lift. Surgery went well and at first I was happy. I got a good look today and my breasts look really bad. I had the "lollipop"... READ MORE

swelling 2 weeks post surgery

My panniculectomy was Feb 18 so I'm just over 2 weeks out. After losing over 100lbs I had a lot of lax skin. I had a wonderful surgeon who did an amazing job and my belly was... READ MORE

Swelling post lift?

I have my procedure Aug 11 (3wk post op tomorrow). I am measuring larger than I expected. This surgery was a revision to a breast reduction in February. My surgeon said this... READ MORE

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I'm sorry so many questions. This is my second reduction..the first time they left me too big. I have heard a lot of Dr's don't make you as small as you want. Did he ask you what you wanted for size? I have to seen any of his reductions... READ COMMENT

That is wonderful to hear! I can't wait to hear more about your recovery. So far everyone in the office seems great. Did he do anchor on you? READ COMMENT

How was your experience with Dr Miller? My surgery was just approved and I'm using him. I'm excited but nervous. READ COMMENT

Hi! I'm now 4+mo post op. I'm having a revision by a different surgeon in Sept/Oct time frame. I went from a 34h to a 34f. Still have pain, marks from bras on my shoulders etc. They did a terrible job on my lift and still saggy. The new... READ COMMENT

I'm so sorry you're dealing with this. I'm going through the same thing myself. I'm in the US. I lost over 100lbs but my breasts remained large. I was so excited to get my reduction. The surgeons assured me they would remove mass... READ COMMENT