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"Six Month Smiles" - Ontario, Canada

I want to caution anyone who is offered the latest "Six Month Smiles" procedure, which is supposed to straighten crooked teeth in a matter of six months, DON'T DO IT! I went to a dental practitioner (who probably did a three day course) and now my teeth are more messed up than before! He pulled my upper and lower arches forward, out of their natural shape so they are now very... READ MORE

Botox Brow Lift - FAIL. - Toronto, ON

I've always suffered from droopy eyebrows and to combat the issue I'd constantly hold the inside of my brows up. I liked the way it made my face look. My eyes appeared brighter and my face actually looked quite a bit slimmer when doing the expression. Unfortunately constantly animating your face can give you quite the headache, so after a few months of contemplating I'd decided to... READ MORE

Questions from Live and Learn

How Long After a "Botox Brow Lift" Does It Take Corrugator Muscles to Regain Full Strength?

I've been told 3 to 4 months for Botox to wear off, in some cases less time than that. However I was wondering what to expect during that time frame. Whether that's... READ MORE

Is It Normal for a Persons Top Lip to Be Large Even a Month After Their Braces Are Removed? Will It Ever Go Back to Normal?

I  have had my braces removed, I've had them off for a month. Before I had braces my top lip was quite small, and the area between my nose and mouth was very tight and... READ MORE

How Much Length Can a Veneer Add to Canine Teeth?

I've chipped my canine tooth and the dentist shaved a bunch off of both my canines to make them match, now they each appear RIDICULOUSLY small and I was wondering if a... READ MORE

Will Lips Change After Braces And Extraction Of Protruding Teeth?

Will a persons top lip (and area between their mouth and nose) get smaller after extraction and braces are used to fixed protruding teeth? READ MORE

Can You Get a Gum Lift Before Invisalign or Braces?

I'm debating on getting braces at the present time, but my dentist said my smile would improve with a gum lift. I'm wondering if I could have the gum lift done, and... READ MORE

Can Damon Braces Fix Flaring Teeth and Overbite Without Extractions? (photo)

I had six month smiles done, and after they were taken off I realized my teeth flare forward. I can just barely close my lips now, I'm so unhappy with my smile! Not only... READ MORE

Best Way to Correct Bad Orthodontics ?

I had six month smiles done by a dental practitioner not a qualified orthodontist and ended up with teeth that are pulled very far forward, outside my natural arch making it... READ MORE

Veneers on Just Canine and First Bicuspids?

I wanted to know if it would look normal to get veneers strictly on my canine teeth and first bicuspids? My front four teeth look great, it's the size and shape of my other... READ MORE

Would Veneers Fix Worn Down Bicuspids? (photo)

I was wondering whether dental veneers would be able to bring back the length and point of my bicupids? I went to a dentist who wasn't very skilled and he shaved the point... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Fade This Tattoo Enough to Cover It and Touch it up? (photo)

I love my tattoo, or at least the idea of it, but unfortunately I went back to have it touched up and the tattoo artist added a lot of dark greens and pinks that weren't... READ MORE

Treatment for Acne Pits/scars?

I've never had acne before in my life, but earlier this year I was put on a medication called Sertraline and it gave me cystic acne for about a month. I've been off the... READ MORE

Long Forehead Indentations After Botox? (photo)

Last summer I had a chemical brow lift performed by a plastic surgeon in the Toronto area. Absolutely hated the results and had to wait for it to wear off. About two weeks into... READ MORE

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Ugh, so sorry to hear that! I wish you all the best, hopefully in the end it'll be worth it for both of us! READ COMMENT

I am getting my ortho done by Dennis Daigle in Oshawa, the office is AMAZING. After going to a few and really sitting down and talking to each orthodontist I knew he was the right one. The staff is fantastic and the payments were... READ COMMENT

I know you posted this a while ago but would you mind sharing where you went? READ COMMENT

It was in Ajax that I had the Six month smiles done. Honestly, it's a sham. I know the idea of conventional braces is a scary one, I mean who wants to have a mouth full of metal, especially when you're older. However, in the long run... READ COMMENT

I definitely will! READ COMMENT