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Mommy Makeover - TT and Breast - New Orleans, LA

I have 3 children and breastfed them all. Breastfeeding sure did a number on me, but I really enjoyed it. Just did not enjoy what was left of my boobs. They were never big but at least had been perky. I went with 330 cc saline implants under the muscle and had a mini lift as well. I ended up with 340 in my right and 360 in my left. I have more of a review on my Tummy Tuck review and will... READ MORE

Aug 2 Tummy Tuck, Mini Lift and Breast Augmentation = Mommy Makeover!

I am 33 and have 3 beautiful children ages 5, 3 and 1. I have a diastsis and open look about 3-5 months pregnant, especially after eating. Im really wanting to get rid of the bulge! I have been dieting to lose the baby weight and am pretty happy with my weight, with the exception of my belly, the loose skin and the bulge. I had my first consult today, 5/29/12 and the plastic surgeon... READ MORE

Questions from Beesgirl

How Do I Know if a Mini or Full Tummy Tuck is Right for Me? (photo)

I had my first consult today and the doctor suggested a mini TT. I am concerned I wont have the results I want as he said he would only be removing the skin from my belly... READ MORE

Why is one breast lower then the other? (photos)

My right breast seems larger and sits lower then the left. I didn't notice it before and I am not sure if its a recent thing. I had my surgery in Aug 2012. My 6 month pre-op... READ MORE

After a body massage I have pain under and around my implants. Did the massage or laying on my belly hurt my implants?

I had a fully body massage yesterday. I didn't feel pain during the massage but laying on my belly towards the end I was starting to feel a little discomfort. A few hours later... READ MORE

Can you get smile lines after facial filler injections? (photos)

I recently had my lips done and have some swelling as well as a small bruise. I also had injections in my cheeks. I am noticing after I smile I am left with smile lines,... READ MORE

Is my top lip over corrected on top? (photos)

It has been 7 days that I had restylane injected in my top and bottom lip. I do not know how much was injected. I feel like the top lip sticks out too much. Could I still be... READ MORE

How quickly does Hyaluronidase work to remove lip filler, will it remove all filler and does it effect your normal tissue?

I want to have some of the filler in my lips removed. Will everything be dissolved or is this dependent on how much my doctor uses of the Hyaluronidase? I don't necessarily... READ MORE

It is normal to wake up in the morning with lip swelling 3 weeks after lip injections and still feel tenderness?

Every morning my lips are more swollen and then the swelling seems to subside as the day goes on. It has been over 3 weeks since injections. Also, my lips feel weird, its like... READ MORE

Discussions started by Beesgirl

mini or full tummy tuck? How do you decide?

I had my first consult today (several more are scheduled) and the surgeon suggested that I do a mini tummy tuck.  She said my belly button is in a place where with the... READ MORE

Must have items for Tummy Tuck

Is there a list of things to buy and have on hand to prepare for post op care?  I thought I had seen something on these boards but wasn't sure.  I want to make sure I... READ MORE

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What is the ultrasound going to do? Help you see the filler and then what? I am curious. READ COMMENT

Yes I remember you and glad to hear you are doing well! The pain is lessoning thankfully! I need to post new pictures! READ COMMENT

Its coming up on a year for me, Aug 2. I am very happy with my results. I wish my scar was a little more fade, but overall its really great. I still have some pain and tightness when I sneeze, cough or laugh too hard. The PS said I... READ COMMENT

Where are your new pictures Kathy? I have been wondering how you have been doing! READ COMMENT