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Tips Do You to Reduce Swelling and Speed Up Recovery

I've heard that pineapple juice, or fresh pineapple and lots of water help, less salt (not sure how much that means) and that exercise can actually increase swelling. Any... READ MORE

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Swelling at 1 month, 2 month, 3 month etc.

Is there a place where people are posting their 1 month, 2 month swelling? It's be interesting to do a comparion - all I see are the flat stomachs and it's almost... READ MORE

Symmetrical and Seroma

I'm on my 7th week. A few days ago I noticed one boob seemed to be bigger than the other and the nipple wasn't like the other. One is up and smooshed and the other is... READ MORE

June 2011 - Tummy Tuck - 10 things I wish I would have known before surgery

1. Healing is patience. I wish I would have known that is takes more than 2 months (and more than likely a year) to have no swelling, to have breasts that are symmetrical and... READ MORE

Tummy Tuckers - Post Surgery lessons learned ($$ and time)

I had my tummy tuck/breast reduction in June. I still have swelling in my tummy area - but they say it will flatten out in time. My jeans are still tight, so i"m hoping!... READ MORE

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I'm not sure how to upload a new photo?? READ COMMENT

No more draining, massage and time. And now I'm doing body contouring and major massages through a body contouring machine. See my recent post on Body Contouring READ COMMENT

It's looking much better. I will post a pix soon READ COMMENT

Im my humble opinion - it's too early for scar therapy after 2 weeks. I didn't scar therapy until wounds were healed and tape was removed. About 6 weeks. Don't mess around with healing. Scar therapy is after everything is closed and sealed. READ COMMENT

I'm at 8 weeks. Breasts are not even yet and there might seroma build up in one. I had it drained once 2 weeks ago - anyone else experience this? As for the TT - using Scar creams and having weekly (expensive) lymphatic drainage... READ COMMENT