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Are Surgeons Required to Gather and Report Statistics on Outcomes?

Just wondering if there are systems in place for surgeons to follow up on post-surgical outcomes - not only in terms of the success of the procedure, but of overall physical... READ MORE

Can Percutaneous Collagen Induction (Derma-roller, I Suppose) Work for Old Stretch Marks?

I found two articles that suggest it could: 'Minimally Invasive Percutaneous Collagen Induction', Oral Maxillofacial Surg Clin N Am 17 (2005) 51 – 63 and... READ MORE

How Exactly Do Fat Cells & Tissue Respond to Velashape's Infrared Light & Radiofrequency?

Do they die or transform? What happens metabolically? How do treated cells interact with connective structures? Is there a risk of internal scarring or DNA/RNA mutation? I... READ MORE

Which Non-invasive Treatment is Most Effective for Mild/moderate Skin Laxity and Crepiness on Thighs, Hips and Buttocks?

I accept that results may be small & will require ongoing management, but I don't want thigh lift scars. I'm 35. Have lost 40 lbs and been @ my goal weight for 4... READ MORE

Can V-beam treatment cause changes in skin texture over the long-term, like very small and slight dimpling just below the skin?

I had V-beam for rosacea a decade ago. A few years ago, I and others noticed my skin texture had changed. Imagine a golf ball covered with several layers of wax. Depth/width: a... READ MORE

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Jesus. Yes, please update. Hope things are better. READ COMMENT

Thank you for your candour. I'm sorry you've been through this. I hope things are better now. READ COMMENT

So. - Your body has a set number of fat cells, to which it wants to return even after the physical removal of cells - The new, 'empty' fat cells appear in unpredictable areas - It's nearly certain that 'even women who diet' will... READ COMMENT

Dang... Not to dissuade you from what you're doing, but I thought these were *after* photos. READ COMMENT