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What Procedure Was Used Here?

Hello, I wanted to know the name of the procedure that was done on this patient to decrease the size and bulkiness of her alar side wall ( the skin surrounding her nostrils). I... READ MORE

Difference Between a Plumping Graft and a Columellar Strut Graft?

I wanted to know if they are both used to increase the nasolabial angle and treat columellar retraction? READ MORE

Can Cutting the Depressor Septi Nasi Change my Smile?

Will my upper lip cover more of my teeth when I smile if this muscle is cut? What I mean is , will I not be able to raise my upper lip as much as I used to be able too when I... READ MORE

Bad Nose Job- Seeking Revision.

Hello, I had a nose job about a year ago and I'm unhappy with my results. Should I seek revision? Also, what exactly is wrong with my nose? Why is there a depression at the... READ MORE

Technique for Treating Hanging/Hooded Alae?

Hello, I have hanging alae and I wanted to know what exactly is done to fix this Is it easy to fix it? Does it leave a scar? Will it change the way they look from the front, I... READ MORE

Maxilliofacial Surgeon or Plastic Surgeon for Chin Reduction ( Bone) ?

Hi, I have a big chin. The bone protrudes and there's quite alot of soft tissue around it too. Should I go to a plastic surgeon or a maxillo-facial surgeon? Any... READ MORE