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Eye Cosmetic Surgeons--How Can I Achieve Almond Shaped, Exotic Eyes? Aesthetic Not Functional Reasons. (photo)

Hello everyone, I've never had a facial procedure and do not suffer from any serious abnormalities that I'm aware of, however I desire a more almond eye shape. Can I achieve... READ MORE

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has anyone had surgery with Dr Le?

Primary or revision? What does your nose look like now and are you happy? Thanks READ MORE

has anyone had rhinoplasty with David Edwin Kim of Beverly Hills?

How are you liking your results? What did you have done? READ MORE

Rhinoplasty with Vartanian?

Does anyone know how vartanians nose jobs are, has anyone gone tohim or planning to? READ MORE

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The bottom line is this. Yes there are very few Le patients on here with pictures. That's why when someone is generous enough to come on here and post photos--it's annoying for not only the readers but the OP to see people cluttering... READ COMMENT

It's one thing to ask a question and it's another to fill up half the comment section with your continuous jabs about Le's surgery length. Being a Trojan says more about your daddy's wallet than your intelligence level. I graduated from... READ COMMENT

No doesn't bother me--my nose isn't that bad to begin with so I can afford to be picky. Thanks for your concern though READ COMMENT

Yep I'll stay obsessed with Grigoryants off the shelf noses as long as you stay obsessed with hounding Carol about the "peculiarities" of Le's work. READ COMMENT

8 or 9 years--exaggerating for dramatic effect, another symptom of histrionic personality disorder. You should really get that checked out. READ COMMENT