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Questions from FurElise

Why Can't a Laser Machine Be Used in Rhinoplasty to Precisely Cut the Bone and Cartiladge?

It seems that if the exact measurements were given to the machine, the laser could etch away with perfect symmetry. Why couldn't this be used? READ MORE

Is There Any Way to See a Person's Nasal Cartilage Before Surgery, Such As by X-ray or MRI?

Is There Any Way to See a Person's Nasal Cartilage Before Surgery, Such As by X-ray or MRI? READ MORE

Do You Think That Filing Down the Slight Bump on my Nose and a Nasal Tip Suture Would Be Right for me?

I don't like how my nose profile has a little bump on it, and the nasal tip is wide and rounded. I put a picture of my frontal face into a platic surgery imaging program,... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty in Atlanta Area?

Please let me know of the best rhinoplasty surgeon in the Atlanta area (preferably someone who is very good at nasal tip suturing). I have been researching rhinoplasty for so... READ MORE

Would I Be Able to Get a Rhinoplasty Covered at Least Somewhat by my Insurance Company?

I just went to the ENT and found that I have a slight deviated septum and moderately large turbinates, which he thinks swell at night, causing my bad nighttime breathing. He... READ MORE

What Are the Implications of Having Weak Nasal Cartilage in Rhinoplasty?

I realize that usually graphs have to be put in place. But what else does it mean? Can those graphs make the nose appear larger? Why do they say that having strong nasal... READ MORE

Genetic Dark Circles- should I get a Restylane injection? (photo)

I have severe genetic dark circles. The under-eye area is also clearly sunken. Very rarely, I will wake up in the morning with my under-eye area swollen just a bit, and it... READ MORE

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Please Name for Me Some Great Rhinoplasty Specialists in the South (United States)!!!

Okay, so it looks like that Dr. William Silver (GA- where I live) is INSANELY expensive!!! D':< Wayyy to expensive for me! It's like $7000-9000 WITHOUT anesthesia or... READ MORE