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As I understand it, the white turns black because the laser fractures it, but not into small enough pieces for the laser to remove. The black particles can be further fractured and eventually removed, but it's a longer process than... READ COMMENT

As good as that device may be, none of those wavelengths will clear colors containing white without turning them black first. So we're really talking about treating 3 primary colors, 3 secondary colors, and black. That's 7/8, or ... READ COMMENT

Generally I think that's true, too, READ COMMENT

The only trouble with the "warm up" approach, in my experience, is that cool colors are generally longer lasting than warm ones, and tend to pop back through over time, unless there is a lot more of the warm color than the cool color... READ COMMENT

The new Tattoo Vanish (saline gel) requires company certification training to use, so you can be sure to get a qualified practitioner. Other more acidic or alkaline products used to remove color, like Rejuvi, have a much higher risk of... READ COMMENT